Saturday, August 16, 2008

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk

Formulated with Pure Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil, Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Milk is a lightweight hair lotion that replenishes essential oils and adds incredible softness and i waz thinkin 4 the price of $4.24 & the size of the bottle, thiz waz a steal....but that waz short lived cuz after i applied it & woke up the next morning the resultz left a lot 2 b desired...i dont know if itz the combo of both the coconut oil & coconut milk which iz leading 2 maybe some protein overload or wat....but i kno my hair didnt really have that moisturized feeling in the morning...not 2 mention that unlike the poo & the condish, it did NOT smell like wat type of shit iz thiz???....i couldnt believe it bcuz i just knew thiz great bottle of hair milk waz gonna b a tried & true staple of 2 disappointed cuz i had been on the hunt 4 thiz product 4 awhile & couldnt find it locally @ all....will i buy thiz product again? i think not!!!...yea itz a sad day n hair-a-mania ville folkz....sad day indeed.


Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk

Peppermint Tea Tree All Natural Hair Milk is a leave in conditioner formulated to boost moisture and shine in your hair, without being too heavy. Made with organic Coconut oil, Jojoba and Avocado, this blend delivers antioxidants that replenish and rejuvenate dry brittle hair and reduce split ends. Leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable. Great for detangling tight curls. For best results use in conjunction with other EDEN BodyWorks brand products. Naturally Detangles...Restores moisture....reduces split ends...increases hair strength and shine....protects from heat damage....okay now i used thiz & i waz like um when iz the greatnezz gonna kick n....i dont really feel like thiz product moisturizez my hair, but i do luv that peppermint smell.....thiz 8oz bottle iz going 4 $6.93 @ walmart & itz $10.50 on the website, so u do the math...once again im disappointed n the fact that thiz bottle iz thiz small 4 that price, but then again itz not doing wat i wanted it 2 do n e wayz....will i buy thiz crap again?...probably not!!!...not onlee iz it also another hard 2 find product, but um i can think of betta wayz 2 spend my little coinz....ya dig?


Eden Bodyworks Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner

This super moisturizing conditioner increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feeling. Leaves your hair full of body. Fortified with proteins to decrease split ends. Your hair will love the tingle! Restores moisture.....reduces split ends...increases hair strength and shine.... detangles and adds body....thiz iz also a *paraben* free product & all the other ingredientz r natural 4 those of u that r n2 more natural pooz & thiz conditioner really honestly & truly leaves ur hair not only smelling like pure peppermint, which i luv.....but u can still feel that tingling sensation long after u have left the providez a nice lil slip az an added the 8oz bottle they sell @ walmart iz $6.93 & the same size bottle on the website iz $8.50, which im not feeling neither price 4 such a very small bottle...i really feel that they need 2 come betta than that....not 2 mention that itz another 1 of those *hard 2 find productz* that isnt sold n ALL storez....thatz sum straight up BULL....but i will continue 2 use thiz just based on the ingredient factor alone, & the smell of that yummy peppermint!


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