Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sea Salt Again, Going Back 2 Cali, Cali, & Portraitz Of A Twisted Up-Do

so i d/c'd my hair once again 2nite & added some more of that sea salt 2 the condish mix...i think i over did that salt thing, but it worked out just the same...i basically got the same resultz that i got the 1st time that i did thiz concoction...instant soft there it iz folkz, the truth & nuthin but the truth....i will most definitely continue 2 incorporate the sea salt n2 my d/c'z....n other Bossay newz....i had a very frustrating day 2day...waz given the run around the whole dam day just tryna get thiz rental 2gether & tryna tie up some loose endz 4 r big move BACK 2 CALI tomorrow...i cant wait 2 blow thiz joint....i served my time n florida, now itz time 2 beat or bust on that note, i got a BIG day ahead of me....gotta get up early n shit & n no way am i an early riser...ha!...i purchased an inverter @ walmart 2nite so that i can go mobile while on r road trip...that way i can entertain myself & stay informed on the goingz on u just luv technology?...o ya, 1 more thing...i resurrected my *twist outz* the other day & i took picz...(arent u proud of me prettysunshyne?) e wayz, i didnt want all that moisturized hair on my neck, so i clipped my hair up & added a headband...blah...n e wayz, i took the picz cuz they last TRIP!...ROAD TRIP!...ROAD TRIP! out ya'll.....peace n hair grease!

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