Wednesday, August 27, 2008

George's Aloe Vera Juice

Before the advent of modern shampoos, Aloe Vera Juice was used with remarkable results in many traditional cultures for cleansing the hair, as a hair set and hair conditioner. The Mayans captured the benefits of Aloe juice by wetting their hair at night with pure, undiluted juice, allowing it to dry overnight, and rinsing in the morning, reportedly adding luster, richness, and manageability to the hair. Aloe Vera has been used by Native Americans, Indians and many in the Caribbean to promote healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Aloe’s positive effects on the skin are well known, and likewise it can help the scalp by healing it and balancing the pH level of the scalp while cleansing the pores....aloe vera juice iz also supposed 2 b really good taken internally 2 remove the toxinz that r n the body...i have yet 2 try that, there 4 i can't really confirm or deny that statement....but the George'z brand iz the kind 2 the left that i purchased @ the vitamin shoppe about a month ago 4 like maybe $6 or $7 waz a 32oz bottle, & i thought it waz a reasonable price 4 the amount u despite itz *healing* qualitiez & wat not, thiz 2 waz something else i bought on a recommendation from some 1 who usez it n a moisturizing mix....2 b quite honest, thiz iz similar 2 H20 & there really isnt n e thing moisturizing about driez out eventually just like H20, so unlezz ur adding something 2 it, say like glycerin 2 give it an actual *kick*, then ur not gonna get n e moisture from it by itself....i dont really use thiz 4 my moisturizer mix, i use the 100% aloe vera gel with glycerin....but um, once thiz bottle iz gone, i will not b buying thiz garbage again.


Star Bio Complex Sheep Placenta Purified High Shine Leave-in Conditioner

BIO COMPLEX PLACENTA DE OVEJA PURIFICADA / SHEEP PLACENTA PURIFIED HIGH SHINE LEAVE IN EXTRA HAIR CONDITIONER This products contains purified hormones free Sheep Placenta. Quaternized Panthenol and other highly concentrated nutrients leaving your hair completely restored and conditioned with exceptional softness and high shine. Apply evenly on damp hair, leave in & style as usual. With the continued use of this product you will have smooth and completely restored hair, with high shine and exceptional thiz product iz by the same makerz of Lacio, Lacio *Star* productz...with that being said, it haz the same consistency, the same effect, & pretty much the same smell 2....i had been wanting 2 try it 4 awhile now, & im glad i did....itz very lite, & itz an excellent leave in on wet or dry hair....i found my 7oz bottle up the street & my local market that happenz 2 sell a few dominican productz....i paid about $9.98 4 thiz small bottle, but hell itz worth if ur looking 4 a back up leave in 2 Lacio, or even ur Silicon Mix, thiz iz definitely it.


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