Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mini Me, Re-Upz, & A New Moisturizer

so hair day 4 mini me waz upon uz once again & that shit needed 2 b done badly...@ n e rate i tried out a new moisturizer az ill be doing a review of that after thiz 1...i used care free curl gold activator & evoo...i actually picked that up, & re-upped on my staplez of proclaimz natural 7 olive oil, (they were buy 2 get 1free)...& some more wave nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion from sallyz...i waz almost out of those 2, so i wanted 2 replenish my e wayz, i cornrowed, & beaded that head of herz & called it a dam day...haha....iight so enjoy the visualz...merry christmaz 2 all & 2 all a good nite!...


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Proclaimz Natural 7 Olive Oil: The Remix

What They Say
Proclaim Natural 7 Olive Oil moisturizes dry skin and infuses brilliant shine and luster to dull hair. Can be used as hair, bath, body, and massage oil
Leaves hair shiny and easy to manage
Made from natural extracts
Daily hot oil treatment

This multi-purpose oil is enriched with olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil and other natural botanicals. Olive oil has been known for its nourishing and antioxidant properties.

What I Say
now ive already done a review on thiz oil 4 my hair awhile ago...i luv thiz dam oil 2 death...since ive been back 2 cali tho, ive been adding it 2 my bath water bcuz the water out here seemz 2 b hard & a tad bit drying 2 my skin...dam dam dam if my skin iz not ultra soft when i get outta da soooo heavy handed with my productz, that i used up the balance of it & had 2 make a mad dash 2 sallyz 2day so that i could *re-up* on my staple....luckily 4 me it waz buy 2 get 1 free, so u kno i waz 2 dam thrilled...i actually smelled their plain natural 7 oil & i think i may try that next time....hell i may even go back tomorrow & pick up a bottle or 2...i got minez 4 about $2.99 with my sallyz card & itz a nice size bottle...mmmmm mmmmm mmmm im soooo n luv with the dam smell of thiz oil itz ridiculouz...when i 1st bought thiz out n florida i used it on my hair & my body when i would get outta the shower....the smell iz so dam invigorating...smh...imma bout 2 go & immerse thiz azz n the tub rite now with my natural 7 olive hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....


Just 4 Me Creme Conditioner & Hairdress

What They Say
Improves hair strength and manageability
Conditions and restores shine
Creamy rich, non-greasy light formula
Fruity fragrance designed for kids
Makes hair softer
Prevents breakage

Designed just for kids with the great fruity smell and light formula, this hairdress leaves hair softer, stronger and more manageable. The unique formula replenishes moisture and restores shine. Hair becomes softer and more resiliant to breakage and damage. So effective you will begin to see results in no time.

What I Say

thiz iz another moisturizer that i picked up n texas last week while i waz on the road, @ walmart 4 about $3.27 4 a 3.4oz jar...i wanted 2 make sure that i had sufficient moisturization 4 my hair cuz it waz drying out waz a so-so product, & i probably will not purchase it containz mineral oil, so ir ur 1 of those folkz that rebukez mineral oil in the name of Jesus, then thiz isnt 4 u....but just like the optimum, it served itz purpose az well.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Roadtrip Finale, Curlz Gone Wrong, & 2Bossay, Kennisha, & Traycee In The L.B.C.

alright so i finally made it back 2 killa kali, the state where they kill safe & sound...thanku JESUS...that trip waz something else....@ 1 point we didnt even think that we would make it back safely 4 fear of the dam truck & trailer tippin ova...smh...traveling across country aint no dam joke...but itz definitely an experience 2 say the least..yez i kno im about a week late on posting thiz blog...hell im tryna get back n2 the swing of thingz...eva since i touched down, ive been on a mission everyday non stop...nothing like when i waz n wat a difference a state makez rite? my girl kennisha from K.I.S.S. came out here 4 a few dayz 2 handle some bizznezz, so her, Traycee (K.I.S.S.'s almighty creator), their s/o'z & myself all got a chance 2 hang out 4 a few hourz b4 kennisha dashed back across the country...i had been talking 2 them both online & on the fone 4 monthz & monthz now & 2 finally get a chance 2 meet them waz pricelezz...good folkz r hard 2 find these dayz, especially *real* onez...we had a good time hanging out n the lbc, in spite of the cold hair waz 2 dam thru by the time i got back 2 the tilt tho...omg i couldnt believe every dam curl had fallen & my hair waz like a BIG azz poof ball...o well, nothing a lil heat & some rollerz cant help....but um ya i enjoyed myself 2nite & im glad i waz able 2 meet some good peepz that i'll probably kno 4 yearz....shoutout 2 traycee & kennisha...kennisha get home safe!!!!!'z a few picz of uz freezing r asses off n long beach....until next time folkz....l8rzzzzzzzzzz...

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Optimum Oil Therapy 3 in 1 Creme Oil Moisturizer

What They Say
Complete hair regimen that can be used day and night
Replenishes essential oils and prevents breakage
Protects against heat damage
Contains Coconut, Olive, Avocado and Jojoba oils
Featuring Micro-Oil Technology.
With no greasy build-up.

Finally all the benefits of oil without the greasy build-up! Micro-Oil technology penetrates hair with micro-beads of natural therapeutic oils to nourish, repair, strengthen and protect hair without greasy buildup. Provides essential oils for moisture and shine. Protects hair from blow-drying and heat styling and helps to prevent dryness and breakage.

What I Say
it basically did the job that i needed it 2 do....i picked thiz 9.7oz bottle up @ walmart 4 $4.12 out in texas when i waz on the road last hair waz looking a hot azz mess bcuz i had accidently packed up my wave nouveau moisturizing lotion...& bcuz i waz applying my mega tek daily throughout the trip, my hair waz drying out alot faster than we had 2 make a dam pit stop so i could get some moisturization going on back n2 my thiz iz 1 of the productz i chose...would i buy thiz again?...probably not, bcuz itz not az moisturizing az the other moisturizerz that i use....but if ur n an emergency type situation, it will definitely serve the purpose.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sea Salt Again, Going Back 2 Cali, Cali, & Portraitz Of A Twisted Up-Do

so i d/c'd my hair once again 2nite & added some more of that sea salt 2 the condish mix...i think i over did that salt thing, but it worked out just the same...i basically got the same resultz that i got the 1st time that i did thiz concoction...instant soft there it iz folkz, the truth & nuthin but the truth....i will most definitely continue 2 incorporate the sea salt n2 my d/c'z....n other Bossay newz....i had a very frustrating day 2day...waz given the run around the whole dam day just tryna get thiz rental 2gether & tryna tie up some loose endz 4 r big move BACK 2 CALI tomorrow...i cant wait 2 blow thiz joint....i served my time n florida, now itz time 2 beat or bust on that note, i got a BIG day ahead of me....gotta get up early n shit & n no way am i an early riser...ha!...i purchased an inverter @ walmart 2nite so that i can go mobile while on r road trip...that way i can entertain myself & stay informed on the goingz on u just luv technology?...o ya, 1 more thing...i resurrected my *twist outz* the other day & i took picz...(arent u proud of me prettysunshyne?) e wayz, i didnt want all that moisturized hair on my neck, so i clipped my hair up & added a headband...blah...n e wayz, i took the picz cuz they last TRIP!...ROAD TRIP!...ROAD TRIP! out ya'll.....peace n hair grease!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sea Salt + Condish=Instant Soft Hair

okee a few weekz ago i waz on LHCF & stumbled upon thiz recipe courteousy of LHCF member *Kiya*...i waz skeptical @ 1st cuz my hair iz NEVA eva soft after i condition after reading all the rantz n ravez i said lemme try thiz shit & c wat all the hype iz i d/c'd the other day, & added a bunch of sea salt 2 my condish....i left the mixture on my head 4 about 3 1/2 hrz...i definitely noticed a difference n the mixture of the condish seemed creamier but the jury iz still out on gonna try it again & c if i get the same resultz...n e wayz, when i rinsed it out, i couldnt believe my hair waz that dam lie!...i waz like dam! um ya, i'll b re-doing thiz the next time i d/c 2 c if i get the same resultz...if i do, thiz will definitely b something i will continue 2 incorporate n2 my hair care routine...i got my 26oz jar of *Hain* sea salt from walmartz 4 $1.88....enjoy the recipe..thx Kiya 4 hookin me up!

Here's a Treat for your Hair:

"The Kiya Fizzie" ---

Add a little Sea Salt (1/2 teaspoon) to a huge handful of your favorite hair conditioner. Any conditioner of your choice.

Mix well and apply to your hair. Cover with Plasic cap for at least an hour. Rinse out and your hair will be as soft as can be. This also Relaxes the ends of your hair. . Treat yourself to the Kiya Fizzie once a week. Your hair will love you for it.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Product Likez, Dislikez, Neva 2 Buy Again Remix List

alright so ive been asked by a few folkz about wat productz i like, use, suggest, or just my overall opinion on some thingz out there on the ive decided 2 *repost* a blog entry that i had on K.I.S.S. that i did in the summer...since then, ive used some more productz that im also including on thiz if some of thiz seemz familiar 2 some u, thiz iz y....viewer discretion iz advised...

My Likez
Pantene Daily Renewal Moisture Poo
Pantene Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Poo
Rusk Moist Poo
Silk Elementz Luxury Moisturizing Poo
V05 Vanilla Mint Tea Therapy Poo

Pantene Daily Renewal Moisture Condish
Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Condish
Pantene Nourisher Replenishing Hair Mask
Pantene Daily Renewal Moisture Hair Mask
V05 Strawberry N Cream Moisture Milk
NTM Hair Recovery Mask

Proclaim'z Natural 7 Olive Oil

Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion
Wave Nouveau Daily Humectant Moisturizing Lotion
Silken Child Moisturizing Creme
Elasta QP Mango Butter Moisturizer
100% Aloe Vera Gel/Glycerin Moisturizer Mix
Unrefined Shea Butter

:Leave Inz:
Aphogee Protein Leave In
Bio-Complex Sheep Placenta Purified
Lacio Lacio
Silicon Mix Leave In

:Foam Wrapz:
Proclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion w/Olive Oil

:Heat Protectantz:
V05 Miracle Mist Heat Defense Conditioning Spray
Rusk Thermal Heat Protectant
Silk Elements Megasilk Heat Protection Spray

Equate Hair Detangler
Silken Child Leave In Detangler

O/G Triple O/G sponge rollerz

Neva 2 Buy Again/Dislikez

Organix Nourishing Coconut Poo
Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Poo
Victoria Secretz So Sexy Nourishing Poo

Organix Nourishing Coconut
Palmerz Coconut Oil Repairing
Palmerz Olive Oil Condish
D'Fina Whale Sperm
Silicon Mix
Ms Key 1 en 1
Giovanni Direct Leave N
D'Fina Crema de Aguacate
Victoria Secretz So Sexy Balancing
Aussie Moist
HE Hello Hydration
NTM Conditioning Treatment
Edenz Body Workz Peppermint Tea Tree
V05 Fortify & Repair Hair Mask
Victoria So Sexy Condish

::Hair Milkz::
Edenz Body Workz Peppermint Tea Tree
Palmerz Coconut Oil Replenishing Milk

::Leave Inz::
Salerm 21
HE LTR Leave In

Aloe Vera Juice

*more 2 b added soon...but thiz pretty much sumz up wat im feeling or not feeling az of thiz date..stay tuned folkz*...n e ?'z


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Covergirl, Maybelline, Jordana & L'oreal H.I.P.

so seeing how i have more than enuff hair productz & i dont need 2 get n e thing else, i decided 2 start back up on makeup grind....ever since i left cali, thingz just aint been the same 4 a um, last year i had got n2 L'orealz H.I.P pigmentz...when they 1st came out i started buying the dual shadowz, the loose powderz, the color stickz, & the creme shadowz... they really didnt have that many colorz...but now, ive noticed that they dun did some major upgradez i picked up 2 dual colorz 2day, along with some mascaraz by covergirl & maybelline, & some lipgloss by about a month ago i had purchased covergirlz lash blast & maybelline'z colossal....HATED EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....lashez were NOT blasting, nor were they colossal i had 2 go back 2 wat got my lashez poppin n the 1st place which iz covergirlz *fantastic lash* & *volume exact*, along with maybellinez O/G triple O/G *great lash* those 3 right there, they getz it POPPIN...i got all of em @ a matta of fact the great lash waz buy 1 get 1 waz on sale 4 $ that waz rite up my alley....everything that i bought 2day, i have used b4 & i luv them...once i find some colorz or brandz that i like, i usually stick with em....pluz they're affordable & THEY WORK!!! not high maintenance when it comez 2 makeup...i DONT have 2 have M.A.C....they're overpriced az far az im concerned...but then again, i'm the minority where m.a.c iz concerned & thatz just my OPINION....which iz the ONLY opinion that matterz on thiz here blog...peace younginzzzzzzzzzzzz..

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mega Tek, My Son, & I

so like i said in yesterdayz post, i purchased my mega tek & i officially kicked off the challenge in it 4 the long haul, which iz about 6 we'll c if i can get thiz hair of minez 2 do something miraculouz within that time my fingaz & toez crossed....ive also started applying it 2 my son'z hair az well...although he'z had great resultz with the *moe grow* mix, he'z not consistent with applying it on a daily i temporarily stopped him from using it, & now i started him on the mega tek az well...since ill b using the MT az also, i'll make sure 2 stay on top of hiz also wanna c if the areaz that didnt fill n with the moe grow, can b filled n with the MT....welpz i posted both of r starting picz, & i'll b sure 2 continuously post updatez @ the 2 month intervalz...n the mean time, peace n hair greaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

my starter picz

a comic strip!

my son'z starter picz
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mega Tek

so 2day i officially decided 2 start using Mega Tek....after spending all day yesterday on variouz hair boardz & doing my research, ive finally decided 2 jump on the bandwagon....luckily 4 me, i waz able 2 find a local equestrian store by my house that i could go & pick up the goodz instead of having 2 order it online...i absolutely h8 having 2 wait 4 my shit 2 come n the mail...i want my stuff when i want it...not dayz & weekz l8r...2 hell with that...@ n e rate, i also picked up some more garlic gel capz 2 combat the supposed shedding that may b involved from using the product...i also picked up some sea salt 2 add 2 my condishez...i stole the recipe off of 1 of the hair boardz also...i had been hearing about doing thiz, but i neva tried im gonna indulge myself & c wat thatz all about....i got my mega tek 4 $ garlic tabz were 2 4 $5.94 @ walmart....i also got my sea salt @ walmart 27ozs 4 $1.88....ill post my starting picz n a day or so...until then, ill holllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ApHogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner

What They Say
Fortifies limp, lifeless hair with superior body...Strengthens hair and increases fullness with Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5
Causes all hair types to support styles better
Seals the cuticle to detangle and enhance color and highlights
Springs perms to life
Essential for use with heat styling tools

All hair types will thrive with the deep-penetrating conditioning of Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner. Panthenol and Mucopolysaccharides combine to penetrate the cortex to strengthen and increase fullness. All hair will support hair styles better. Low pH (5.5) seals the cuticle to detangle and enhance color and highlights. With Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner perms will spring to life. Essential for those using styling tools or dryers. May be used daily, before styling or setting.

What I Say
i recently started back 2 using heat on my hair bcuz 2 b quite honest, ive neva had a problem with it....we've alwayz been told that heat iz bad 4 ur hair, & i guezz the amount, along with the usage of it can b very damaging 2 ur hair...i 4 1 have neva used it excessively...every 2 weekz 2 b u figure thatz like about twice a month....@ n e rate, going off the suggestion of a friend, i decided 2 beef up my protein n hopez of protecting my hair...ive been only using heat once a month since about july, & that waz 2 do length i went on a shopping spree yesterday @ sallyz & thiz iz 1 of the productz that i picked up....i got my 16oz bottle on sale 4 $4.99 with an additional 20% off usually im very *anti* leave in*...4 1 i just feel that they're not 4 the *black* persuasion....& i dont want n e thing on my hair weighing it down once itz been very, very impressed with thiz didnt weigh my hair didnt coat my hair or leave it with a nasty azz i'll definitely b incorporating thiz n2 wat im doing 2 my hair already, 2 help protect my hair a lil more from the stress of the *heat monster*.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mini Me, Wave Nouveau, EVOO, & Braidz

alright so after a week of her *so-called* bunning, it waz time 4 Mini Me 2 get that head braided az promised...she didnt put up a fight although she did moan & groan 4 a hot minute...but when she saw i wasnt playing & had all the equipment lined up, she knew wat time it runz thizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...n e who, the wave nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion iz really working out on her stayz moisturized well n2 the next go around....definite, definite, keeper....i also used EVOO, & it doez wonderz....her hair waz 2 soft....luved it....alright enjoy the visualz...peace n hair grease....

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Babe Getz Braided...

so az every 1 should already kno, *Babe* got hiz B/C last week...i usually braid him up immediately after he'z dun air drying, but i got lazy, hell...wat can i say? he basically rocked a ponytail all dam yesterday, i had enuff of looking @ that pony, cuz he does NOT take care of hiz hair wat so eva....he haz an *i dont give a shit* attitude about hiz hair...itz mind boggling that he'z even able 2 retain the growth that he getz...smh....i cant understand it...but um, i braided that head up yesterday so he'll b good 4 another week or so....that iz, if he keepz hiz hair tied up...if not, itz a wrap!...blah...but um, happy turkey day outro....enjoy the viusualz....

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beyond The Zone Straight Shot Smoothing Serum

What They Say
Add shine and define wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Beyond The Zone Straight Shot Straightening Serum gives your hair that straight, sleek and anti-frizz look. Beautifully smooth curls and fights frizzies
Creates super straight hair with a glossy finish
Hair feels smooth and silky
Light and non-greasy
Works excellent on naturally curly or frizzy hair
Fights humidity and buffers hair from mechanical heat
Moisturizes the hair cuticle
Conditions hair for a soft and manageable style
Protects against heat damage
If you're born with curly hair but have always dreamed of silk straight hair all you need is Beyond The Zone Straight Shot Straightening Serum, a blow dryer and a brush.

What I Say
welpz i picked thiz up bcuz some vid. chick said that it waz really good & blah blah blah...but if i really had of been thinking, just based on how her hair looked, i shoulda kept my coinz n my pocket...her hair looked a hot azz mess after she finished doing it...but i think thatz bcuz she had a ton of productz n it prior 2 flat ironing it...but um, n e wayz thatz another topic 4 another day....although the smell iz cool, it really didnt have my hair all that smooth nor shiny...i picked up thiz bottle @ sallyz 4 about $4 buckz which im thankful i didnt spend more money cuz itz definitely not worth just n awe of how many good reviewz it got 2....itz mind boggling..


Sunday, November 23, 2008

*Mini Me* Getz Pressed, Flat Ironed, & Dusted

so lil *mini me* haz been buggin me 2 press & flat iron that head of since they're off thiz whole dam week 4 the holiday & itz *hair day* n e wayz, i decided 2day would b the she got the usual which consisted of a pre-poo, wash/condish, press & a flat iron...i followed that up with a dusting of those endz 4good didnt want it, but mother knoz shez gonna bun it up 4 the rest of the week...i told her 2 enjoy it, cuz come next weekend she will have that azz back n cornrowz fa sho....u knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....l8r gatorz...

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MSM, A New Vitamin & A Few Re-Upz

okee so like ive been saying n previous postz, i wanted 2 start 2 implement MSM n2 my 2day i went 2 walmart & picked up a bottle of that 4 about $8.24, i got some more EVCO 4 $9.96, some more Hair, Skin, & Nails vitaminz 4 $6.87, & some stresstabs 4 some much needed energy, 4 $ mom recommended these cuz i told her how tired ive been n spite of the abundance of vitaminz i have been we'll c how they work....2 b continued....

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The Enchantress by Allison Hobbs

Eris is a fallen goddess who has been demoted to roam the earth in the guise of a slave. Intending to become the mistress of the plantation, she uses her dark powers to bewitch and sexually enslave her owner, Arthur Stovall. Her plan, however, goes awry and Eris is banished to the dark realm -- the dwelling place for corrupt and depraved souls.

With an uncontrollable desire for vengeance upon the Stovall family, Eris uses trickery to escape this lower dimension. However, two hundred years have passed and settling the score with the plantation master is no longer an option. Undeterred, Eris turns her merciless intentions toward the last descendant of the Stovall line, who happens to be an African-American male, making her road to revenge much more complicated.

My Opinion
welpz thiz iz my 4th book by Allison Hobbs, & i must say i waz very disappointed...i did NOT like thiz 1 @ all...i dont kno if it waz the plot or wat it waz...i couldnt wait 2 get through with thiz...i h8 2 start something & not finish it, so thiz iz y i continued 2 read it...i would not recommend it @ all.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Babe'z Big Chop....

okee so like n my previouz post, i had explained that *Babe* haz been on my bumper over the past few monthz 2 cut hiz dreadful like man, i waz just lookin @ hiz hair like i dont wanna...just 2 wash, condition, dry, & braid hiz hair iz an all day extravaganza okee?...ugh, he haz the prettiest hair eva, but bcuz of the thicknezz, & the length it doesnt make it a *job*...itz more like an *adventure* forward 2 yesterday, & i had 2 get on my grind 2 do wat needed 2 b i had 2 flat iron ALL that dam hair b4 i could even cut it...hiz hair when straight, iz like *Real'z* from the real/chance of luv show...both n thicknezz & n length although i think real haz him beat by about a few inchez, but not that hair waz oooo so silky, but the endz?....omg, they were like brittle azz sand paper or some other undescribable shit....i tried 2 take off @ least 2 inchez, but he wasnt going 4 that...imagine a big azz man crying over some dead azz hair that can grow back n a few monthz....wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....hiz hair growz like weedz mind u...ugh, he makez me sick....@ n e rate, i told him i guezz we'll just have 2 trim it up every other month or so from thiz point forward since he waz being a crybaby about the situation...blah...he getz on my dam nervez....i dont really have a b4 shot of when it waz these picz will have 2 do....everything waz taken yesterday...the 1st pic iz after it air dried...the 2nd pic iz after hiz back waz cut...& the last 1 iz the final result...happy dayz r here again, now that im finished...l8r gatorz!

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Out With The Old & On With My Life...My *Lil* Chop...

so i asked *Babe* if he would trim my endz, or rather shape them last month some time...he said he would & waz ready 2 do it, but when i got 2 explaining 2 him how 2 do it, he got an attitude...there 4 i waz like screw it...i dont want n e body with an attitude coming n e where near my hair with some scissorz, ok?!!...not n thiz i left it alone...mind u he haz been on my bumper 4 monthz & monthz 2 cut hiz endz & believe me they were n dire the other day i approached him with the subject about my hair & once again he agreed 2 do i told him how 2 do it, & he did a FANTABULOUZ job...i waz really, & therez alwayz a but rite?...i had 2 agree 2 do hiz the next day...of course i obliged...hiz hair really, really needed it 2...poor thing...smh...2 bad i waited thiz long 2 do well....i will do another post about hiz traumatic experience....but um, im just glad that minez r finally even & i can now move on with my life!
the pic on the left iz from sept '08 & the pic on the right iz from nov '08...enjoy...
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V05 Miracle Mist Heat Defense Conditioning Spray

What They Say
Blow dryer or flat iron friendly. VO5 - The power to heat up your style! Advanced, alcohol-free formula. 5 Vitamins; UV Filter. Hot Style! Defend yourself against blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. This mist can take the heat! Conditioning formula absorbs heat to protect from damage. The power to lock in your style when used with irons.

What I Say
luv it, luv it, luv it!!!...i waz n the market 4 a new heat protectant about a year ago when i ran outta my *Rusk* protectant...i stumbled upon thiz n 1 of the variouz storez n i tried it out, & it actually did a fabulouz job of not weighing my hair down after my flat itz been a staple ever since...i musta picked thiz bottle up like last year & i have yet 2 replace thatz crazy....but um, ya itz not greasy, itz very light, non-sticky, & it doesnt leave a coating or film on my hair....definite keeper 4 me...cant remember where i got my bottle from, but i did price it n walmart 2day...itz there 4 $2.96 & u get if ur n the market 4 a new heat protectant spray, i would highly recommend the VO5 miracle mist!


Monday, November 17, 2008

ORS Replenishing Packs

What They Say
Deep Penetrating Conditioner. Helps restore, moisturize, & rebuild damaged hair.

What I Say
aside from the smell, which iz on the citrusy side & smellz absolutely lovely i have no idea wat all the dam hoopla waz about...thiz & many other of the ORS productz r all the rave on each & every hair board that i go naturally i had 2 indulge myself & c wat all the fuss waz about....needlezz 2 say, im sooo NOT did absolutely NOTHING 4 my hair except 4 the wonderful thinking since all the folkz who have raved about thiz r on the *relaxed* side of the street, thiz may not b 4 uz *naturalz*...i got my lil packet from walmart 4 about $1.99 & im glad i didnt have 2 spend more on it...cuz itz definitely something that i will NOT b buying again...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Climax by Allison Hobbs

A seductive tale of lust and revenge, The Climax charts the entangled lives of two women -- Terelle and Kai -- who have both suffered irrecoverable losses in their pursuit of Marquise, who is believed to be dead. Kai is in prison, and Terelle suffered from a mental breakdown after losing her fiancé. After two years of catatonia, Terelle is awakened by a sweet and mysterious kiss, and the voice of her lost love.

As Terelle recovers, she clings to the idea that Marquise (who is the father of her child) is still alive and out there, waiting to reunite with her. She goes into grueling rehabilitation in order to find a way back to him, all the while enduring the concern of loved ones, who think she is delusional. At the same time, Kai is jailed for a murder she didn't commit, but that doesn't stop her wanton behavior. Not a day goes by that Kai doesn't plot a wicked revenge on Terelle. Throughout steamy prison encounters, and despite a lifetime sentence, Kai vows that Terelle will never know a moment of peace, so long as she lives.

My Opinion
luvedddddddddddd it...thiz waz the sequel 2 her other book *Insatiable* waz actually betta than the 1st thank GOD...otherwise i woulda been itz a MUST read if u have read the 1st really starting 2 feel allison & her style of writing...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wave Nouveau & Mini Me

okee so another hair day waz upon us & it waz time 2 tame that coarse beast that we call *hair*....i basically just pre-poo'ed her hair with cholesterol & evoo....washed, conditioned, & blow the time i had finished, i waz tired so she wore a bun on monday 2 skool...2day i cornrowed it & i used wave nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion along with their daily humectant....b4 i had even got started it waz soooo soft from the day b4 when i had used it & put it n a bun...i waz like seemed 2 have worked better than all the previous moisturizerz i had been using on her now i kno 4 sure that thiz iz gonna b a staple moisturizer 4 her hair az well az minez....thankz sunshyne 4pimpin my


Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Moe Grow Mix

while perusing the LHCF board i ran acrozz thiz recipe 2 restore hair growth...apparently a few of the women on the board had experienced hair loss & claimed that thiz recipe, or rather their variation of it, had showed some promising resultz....the reason i waz interested n it iz bcuz thiz past may, my son had began 2lose some hair n the center of hiz head...the 2 bald spotz were about the size of me being a nurse & knowing good & dam well that doctorz are highly overpaid 4 doing absolutely nothing, figured i could rectify the situation & keep my coinz 4 seeing some worthlezz doc, n my pocket....i pretty much think he haz some form of alopecia, but wat do i kno? just a lowly azz RN rite? n e rate, i created my own variation of moe grow concoction basically consistz of: horsetail, nettle, jojoba oil, peppermint & rosemary oilz....i use about 30 dropz of each, but itz totally up 2 u....i got everything i needed from the vitaminshoppe....mixed it up n a lil applicator bottle from walmart & i have him putting that on hiz hair @ least 3 timez a he hasnt really been consistent with it, otherwise im sure ALL of hiz hair wouldve grown back n by now....but um, hiz hair iz & haz been growing im convinced that it definitely workz...ive also been having him apply pine tar 2 the area in conjunction with the moe grow....believe me when i say that the pine tar shit stinkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....he hatez it, but if u want hair there then u gotta do wat u gotta do....n e wayz, just wanted 2 share thiz recipe with n e body who may b experiencing hair lozz or something similar...



i have been taking vitaminz 4 my hair since about '05....thiz iz when i had the best hair ever n my opinion...@ n e rate, somebody, who shall remain namelezz mentioned that they dont take vitaminz & wanted 2 kno which onez i i will not bore u all with wat each vitamin doez, etc. cuz frankly u can google that info up urself....but um i take *biotin*, *hair, skin, & nails* (yez, thatz the name of it), *prenatal pillz*, *hair* (yez, thatz really the name of it 2), *odorless garlic gel tabz*, & a *multivitamin* all of these pretty much contain the same thingz n each of them, but some may have more quantitiez of different thingz....n termz of the dosagez, thatz really up 2 ur liking...just remember that mcg'z r smaller than mg'z, so keep that n mind....4 example, if ur using something with 500mcg, the equivalent 2 it would b 5mgz...same dose....ive been contemplating adding some *msm* i think it iz, n2 my regimen but the jury iz still out on thiz decision....i get all of minez @ walmart & u can 2...or u can opt 2 go where eva the hell u think walmartz pricez r pretty reasonable tho....i can get everything n my pic 4 about $20 buckz or lezz @ walmart & i think thatz pretty good...u gotta b thrifty...ha!...welpz thatz wat i take, so wat vitaminz r u taking?


My Conditioner Cocktail Mix

okee a few folkz have been asking me wat my conditioner cocktail mix consistz of...welpz i had been meaning 2 do a post on thiz like monthz ago, but it totally slipped my mind until i waz asked once again e wayz, it consistz of: 1 part Nexxus humectress....1 part pantene moisturizing condish....& 1 part p.m. tea tree condish...once applied, put on a plastic bag & sit under a heating cap or dryer 4 15-20 minz (preferably a heating cap bcuz the heat seemz 2 b a bit more penetrating n my opinion)....wash out & voila!...instant, moisturized, & soft hair....ive been doing thiz 4 about 3 yearz now & ive neva had betta hair there u have it folkz...happy conditioning!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Covergirl'z Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara

What They Say
Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look. Now in waterproof, too!

What I Say
straight up BULLSHIT!!! 2 the hogwash that they're feeding the american public, itz not the case lashez were n e thing but VOLUMNIZED...i waz 2 pissed...cuz i like my eyez 2 very very, disappointed n thiz mascara by covergirl...4 $5.87 or wateva the hell the price waz, i waz sooo dam lashes just appeared 2 have a coat of mascara on them, & the length didnt appear 2 increase wat so eva...i got my tube from walmart of i just felt like covergirl couldve came betta than thinking imma stick 2 my other line of mascara from thiz point forward.


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