Sunday, August 3, 2008

Roux Porosity Control Shampoo & Conditioner

Pam, thiz 1 iz 4 u...ive been hearing about folkz using thiz product & my dear friend Pam waz inquiring about i decided 2 blog about thiz Roux Porosity we go...itz said that Roux Porosity Control pH 4.5 Corrector & Conditioner equalizes hair porosity for uniform color, perm, or relaxing results...obtain even coloring results and maintain healthy hair. Your hair will look naturally vibrant and tangle-free. Great to use before and after chemical treatments and will close the cuticle and ensure healthier, shinier hair...This shampoo is ideal for brittle, broken hair that has been damaged by coloring, relaxing, or heat styling. A unique formulation preventing future breakage, leaving hair stronger and more manageable....Gives volume and shine to permed, bleached, and relaxed hair...recommended to prepare hair for chemical treatment...restores moisture and natural oils lost in daily styling....leaves hair shiny, smooth and managable....prevents split i don't use thiz product, nor do i have n e desire 2 do hair isnt chemically treated n termz of a relaxer (although ive recently had some color on it) a natural...but 4 some of u who may fall n2 thiz category, thiz may b of some benefit 2 u...@ n e rate, im not 1 thatz quik 2 jump on *certain* bandwagonz bcuz all thingz arent good 4 EVERY n closing, just b careful of the productz u choose 2 use on ur hair bcuz of wat u may have *heard* about it...everything that workz miraclez on 1 person, may not work miraclez on u!


Hair Steamerz

i waz thinkin about purchasing a hair steamer since ive heard such good thingz about it...they say that steam treatments are intense, as it allows moisture to penetrate the shaft easily az well az the conditioner, unlike the dryer method that just leavez conditioners on top of the hair with/without a cap .....the hair steamer provides moist warm air as a gentle alternative to the conventional heat they cut down on processing time...steaming allows deep treatments to penetrate the cuticle with moist heat vs dry heat from a dryer...steam treatmentz r supposed 2 b excellent 4 natural hair...It is said too much steaming can actually be detrimental to the hair...steamerz will allow the hair 2 retain the extra moisture that it needz, which will ultimately lead 2 overall softnezz & little 2 no breakage....some people who don't have a steamer, opt 2 do a *do it yourself* steam treatment...thiz callz 4 wetting a towel turbie & putting it n the microwave 4 5 will b very hot....avoid putting it on ur earz & wrap ur hair...cover with a cap & sit under the dryer 4 10-15 minutez....there r many different variationz of thiz treatment, so 2 each hiz/her own....but the idea iz still the same...i found a steamer online 4 about $129.00 buckz...thiz iz the 1 i plan on getting by the end of thiz month, hopefully...ive also seen them 4 az much az $ when getting ready 2 make a big investment like thiz, itz best u shop around & try 2 get the best deal n town!



so ive recently started rollersetting my hair az another style that isnt requiring me 2 apply heat 2 my hair...ive only done it twice on my hair, but ive had some experience with them n the not the best setter, but i getz the job done...i useta go 2 cosmetology skool, so hence thatz where my experience comez from...but um, ya ive been using lacio, lacio & H20 n a spray bottle 4 my setz...these setz have been *trial & error* by seeing wat workz & wat doesnt...wat givez me the best, bouncy setz & wat just leavez my hair stiff az a dam board...rollersetz r a nice alternative 2 heat sourcez such az a flat iron, pressing comb, or blow dryer...less heat meanz healthier hair, less breakage, & the less chance of gettin those dreaded split endz....itz a win win situation all the way around if u ask me...the only setback 2 them, iz the rootz....the couple of timez i did do the setz, i blew my rootz out with a round brush & my blow dryer...the resultz were so-so, nuthin just used 2 having straight, i mean BONE straight n e thing less would b uncivilized...but im tryna make a change 4 the betta with my if ur bored & dont have n e thing 2 do, put down that flat iron & try a rollerset 2day...ur hair will thank u!


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