Sunday, August 3, 2008


so ive recently started rollersetting my hair az another style that isnt requiring me 2 apply heat 2 my hair...ive only done it twice on my hair, but ive had some experience with them n the not the best setter, but i getz the job done...i useta go 2 cosmetology skool, so hence thatz where my experience comez from...but um, ya ive been using lacio, lacio & H20 n a spray bottle 4 my setz...these setz have been *trial & error* by seeing wat workz & wat doesnt...wat givez me the best, bouncy setz & wat just leavez my hair stiff az a dam board...rollersetz r a nice alternative 2 heat sourcez such az a flat iron, pressing comb, or blow dryer...less heat meanz healthier hair, less breakage, & the less chance of gettin those dreaded split endz....itz a win win situation all the way around if u ask me...the only setback 2 them, iz the rootz....the couple of timez i did do the setz, i blew my rootz out with a round brush & my blow dryer...the resultz were so-so, nuthin just used 2 having straight, i mean BONE straight n e thing less would b uncivilized...but im tryna make a change 4 the betta with my if ur bored & dont have n e thing 2 do, put down that flat iron & try a rollerset 2day...ur hair will thank u!

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KelleCarter August 4, 2008 at 8:01 PM  

Oh yes, I rollerset all the time! Since I learned to, I have hardly ever used blowdryers or flatirons. Just at touch-up time!

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