Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Naturelle'z Biotera Reconstructing Conditioner

What They Say
Biotera Reconstructing Conditioner improves hair texture & manageability while restoring body, bounce, shine. Sunscreen protects hair from the sun’s harmful rays..Provides intense conditioning...Treats chemical and environmental damage to the hair...Strengthens and moisturizes...Makes hair more combable and givez it bounce...Biotera Reconstructing Conditioner naturally restore hair's natural beauty and overridez chemical and environmental damage. Scientifically formulated to deeply penetrate, nourish and condition dry, damaged, chemically-processed hair. Compare to Biolage and save!

What I Say
loved it!...i waz pleasantly surprised...i had been eyeballing thiz condish 4 awhile now @ sallyz...but with how so many of these productz ive been trying lately have failed me, y bother rite?...i figured i could spend my money on something i kno workz...but i caught it on sale 4 $6 buckz 4 the 33oz liter, so u kno i couldnt pazz up that waz well worth it...the slip waz really good, which waz a surprise...thiz iz 1 of the key elementz i look 4 now a dayz n a once the comb glided thru my crop, i waz sold...will i b buying it again u ask?...but of course delivered on the slip, & it haz a very thick consistency 2 it which iz the 2nd element i look 4 n my condishez....i c me & biotera doing BIG thangz n the future.


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