Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Economicz 101: Bossay'z Aloe Butta

i have been wanting 2 purchase some hair buttaz, but i really believe they're overpriced & u dont get that much 2 begin with...shit we're falling on hard timez rite now, so i figured it would b cheaper 2 make my after perusing variouz hair boardz & actually joining another 1 thatz geared 2wardz making ur own productz, it waz now time 2 start experimenting...i decided 2 make an aloe butta last nite, & it actually came out betta than i expected....(thiz iz the mixture after it waz whipped...soooo soft & creamy)
thiz waz the 3rd butta that i had made within the past week, & i definitely think i may b on 2 something...not 2 mention that my pocketz r thanking me bcuz most of the ingredientz i already had, i get more 4 my money, & the best 1 of all iz that i DON'T have 2 wait 4 my shipment 2 come n the, all n all im very happy with the resultz that it produced...i had actually washed my hair last nite & after letting it air dry, i applied my new butta 2 my hair, sealed with my oil mix, & braided it up n some plaitz....thiz morning i felt my hair 4 the *softnezz* that i owe so desire, & it waz btw, the 1st pic @ the top iz the mixture after it had been refrigerated all nite, which produced a nice *hard* butta...the 2nd pic iz rite after it had been whipped....lite & a definte happy camper...l8r folkz...


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