Monday, September 22, 2008

Jilbere de Paris Ceramic Tools Porcelain Flat Iron

The "diamond hard" porcelain surface allows hair to gently glide through the plates, causing less stress and damage to the hair.The Jilbere de Paris Porcelain Series Professional Flat Iron features commercial grade porcelain ceramic plates. Porcelain is a fine ceramic compound with greater strength and durability for precise heat distribution and state-of-the-art performance....Ultra-smooth surfaces cause less stress and damage to hair......200 watts of power with Ceramic Pulse System.......30 heat settings......up to 230C/446F.... Cool Touch Fabric... Instant heat, even heat distribution, no hot spot....Ceramic technology eliminates frizz, assists in the breakdown of bacteria buildup and emits ion reflectives which enhance the vitality of the thiz baby getz up 2 446 degreez & im lovin that part...thiz iz the reason i bought thiz flat iron back n hasnt let me down either...i got minez from sallyz while i waz n cosmetology skool & it getz the job done like u wouldnt believe....i paid about $40 buckz 4 minez & i felt that waz steep @ the time...but now that they're coming out with all these other ironz @ ridiculouz pricez, i feel like i got off cheap....REAL CHEAP!!!....but um ya, if ur lookin 4 a real decent flat iron @ a reasonable price under $50 buckz, that will get ur hair xtra, xtra, xtra straight, then look no further than ur local sallyz...cuz the Jilbere cant b beat....i admit ive wanted 2 upgrade 2 a newer model, but ive neva got around 2 it....i kinda wanted 2 get the 1 with the tourmaline platez...but from wat ive been reading, itz not worth im completely satisfied with my plain ole ceramic platez 4 now!


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