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V05 Strawberriez N Cream Moisture Milk Conditioner

Treat your hair to the fragrance of fresh-picked strawberries and the moisturizing benefits of soy milk proteins in our exclusive patented conditioner. Smooths and detangles as it conditions, leaving hair silky, soft and az much az ive been using thiz product, thiz shouldve been my 1st post...thiz stuff smellz soooo many folkz have been raving about thiz on many hair sitez, so i had 2 indulge & c 4 happy 2 say that it doez itz job 2...the price iz just rite @ $1.00, now how can u go wrong with that...but if u pay attention 2 ur weekly paperz, u can catch thiz on sale some say az low az $.66 centz @ cvs...i actually just stocked up on thiz yesterday bcuz cvs iz having a sale on it 4 $.75 centz...thatz still a good deal n my opinion...i cleaned out @ least 2 storez...i use thiz az my lil cheapy co-wash condish, & did i mention already that i luv it? easy 2 comb thru & providez some excellent slip...but ya, definitely go out & pick some up...u wont b disappointed.


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner combines invigorating Australian Tea Tree Oil with a special moisturizing blend of fast acting conditioning agents including Hawaiian Awapuhi, Chamomile, Henna, Rosemary, Aloe Vera and Jojoba to stimulate the scalp and promote shiny, healthy hair. Exclusive Activated Moisture Blend smoothes and softens the hair’s surface, removing tangles for easier wet and dry combing, and helps prevent moisture loss in the hair. A unique combination of Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, and Lavender creates an uplifting and refreshing aromatherapy experience as you massage this conditioner into your hair. Wake up and experience pure refreshment with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special ive neva used thiz stuff by itself, but ive been using thiz 4 yearz also...when i incorporate thiz n my *conditioner cocktail* mix, man the resultz r fabulouz....from wat im hearing itz not good alone, doesnt detangle well, but i can definitely say it haz ur hair feeling wonderful when n conjunction with the humectress & the pantene...thiz iz also another pricey condish & now that im thinking about it & looking ahead, i may continue 2 buy the generic brand @ sallyz 4 $ haz the same peppermint scent & the same ingredientz...(they're actually written on the bottle)...ive seen the small bottle of the Tea Tree 4 like $10 buckz...dam shame rite?...i kno, thatz y i will buy the generic from thiz point out!


Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner

Weakened strands are strengthened and regain elasticity to prevent breakage and split ends thanks to a blend of Amino Acids, Elastin and Proteins. Ceramides and other Nutrients ensure that hair is optimally moisturized without being weighed down. To help prevent further damage, Antioxidant Vitamins and UVA/UVB Protectors combat environmental assailants. NexxuSpheres, our exclusive time-release delivery system, gravitate to the most damaged areas and then slowly dissolve to release HUMECTRESS’ nutrients over time so that hair is protected and fortified for up to 72 how can i sum thiz up n plain ole english?...thiz stuff rite here iz da TRUTH!!!...thiz iz another condish that ive been using 4 yearz & my hair luvz thiz az well...itz also a main ingredient n my *conditioner cocktail*mix...hmm may have 2 post that blog next...but um ya, i use thiz on my d/c dayz...alwayz givez my hair fabulouz resultz...can b a lil on the pricey side tho...but if ur gonna go out & spend ridiculouz amountz of money on hair care productz, consider thiz an *investment*...i think the cheapest ive seen the *BIG* bottle 4 @ walmart could b about $24.99, but dont quote me on seemz everybody & their momma iz selling thiz now a dayz...sallyz even haz a generic brand that they sell 4 about $5.99...same ingredientz, but i cant really say if the resultz r the same....2 b honest, i havent really been consistently using it...i remember back n the day u could only purchase thiz if u were a cosmetologist or if u went 2 a salon...boy have timez changed...but 4 the best, lol...thiz iz definitely a staple of minez!


Baking Soda

here'z another recipe i *lifted* from hearing such good reviewz about thiz....enjoy!!!...
2 cups of warm water
1 tablespoon of Baking Soda
Just add the ingredientz to an old shampoo bottle... shake well and the baking soda will dissolve in the warm water so don't worry about it being gritty...pour half of it over ur hair and massage n2 ur scalp, clean and then rinse... then take the rest and do it again making sure to work it in the hair so it will remove n e thing that may be left behind.....n my opinion i dont think 1 tablespoon iz of course u kno i had 2 do xtra...but um i used 2 big cupz of warm H20 & maybe about 2 tblz of the baking soda...i just eyeballed dont think it really did n e thing 4 my i had 2 call 4 back up...i used a clarifying poo once followed by a clarifying condish somebody told me a few key thingz 2 remember when doing thiz: 1 it does not cleanse well if you have a lot of product in your hair...2 if you add 2 much baking soda to ur mix, ur hair will get hard....O & 1 more thing.... try adding some to ur conditioner....i have yet 2 try adding it 2 my condishez yet...i waz just NOT impressed with the fact that it didnt work on my hair @ all...could b bcuz i had 2 much product on my hair already...hmmm...n n e case, the jury iz still out.


Pantene Pro-V, Daily Moisture Renewal Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry Or Damaged Hair

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo with a unique pro-vitamin formula, insulates and hydrates every strand. The Daily Moisture Renewal shampoo starts working instantly. Not only repairing the look and damage today, but also providing 10X protection against future damage. Helps prevent split ends, breakage and frizz.
Seals in moisture and helps protect against future moisture loss...leaves hair healthy, shiny, and soft to the touch....*AMEN*...i luv thiz stuff hair iz soft while im poo' who eva heard of that b4?...usually my hair feelz stripped after i poo, but not with pantene...thatz y i refuse 2 stray from these productz eva again...i get my BIG bottle @ walmart 4 about $3.99 i hair thrivez off of thiz stuff...truly another keeper 4 me!


Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner

The product iz specially designed to repair the look of damage, to provide hair protection against future damage and to help prevent split ends from forming... moisturized to leave hair soft, manageable and containz a unique Pantene Amino Pro-V complex...ive been using thiz 4 yearz, & although it containz *conez* my hair luvz thiz stuff...alot of people do not like Pantene 4 wateva their reasonz r...but um, i beg 2 differ...itz so easy 2 comb thru my hair once i apply hair iz like *butta baby* when i glide the comb thru i usually just buy the BIG bottle @ where else?...u guessed it, WALMART!!!...i think it runz me about $4 or $5 buckz...but it lastz a looooong time...i pretty much use thiz az 1 of my d/c'z in my *conditoner cocktail* mix....hasnt failed me yet...thiz will ALWAYZ b a friend of minez.


Caruso Steam Rollerz

The Caruso Professional Molecular Hairsetter was invented to finally give women the results that they longed for - long lasting curls and volume while keeping hair healthy, shiny and in great condition. The Caruso Professional Molecular system is a revolutionary process; tiny molecules of steam penetrate the hair shaft reforming the chain bonds to create healthy, strong beautiful curls. This hairsetter has been customized to give you the styling power to accommodate any and all of today's most popular hairstyles. The compact size also makes it ideal for home use...yez i went out & bought thiz...i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv thiz okee? iz very fast, & convenient especially when u dont have time 2 sit under a hot azz dryer all day...if u havent mastered the art of roller setting either, then u definitely need 2 make the investment...word 2 the wise tho, if u have long hair u may wanna pick up an xtra pack or 2 of the jumbo sized rollerz...they only give u 6 each of the different sizez...i found minez @ Sally'z 4 about $29.00...the xtra pack of rollerz r also @ Sally'z & they ran me about $12.99...but i have a Sally'z card now, & i think i may have paid $10 buckz cant remember...i usually put a lil Natural 7 Olive Oil on my endz b4 rolling & then set my hair on the rollerz...resultz have yet 2 fail me...itz a definite keeper!!


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