Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner

Weakened strands are strengthened and regain elasticity to prevent breakage and split ends thanks to a blend of Amino Acids, Elastin and Proteins. Ceramides and other Nutrients ensure that hair is optimally moisturized without being weighed down. To help prevent further damage, Antioxidant Vitamins and UVA/UVB Protectors combat environmental assailants. NexxuSpheres, our exclusive time-release delivery system, gravitate to the most damaged areas and then slowly dissolve to release HUMECTRESS’ nutrients over time so that hair is protected and fortified for up to 72 how can i sum thiz up n plain ole english?...thiz stuff rite here iz da TRUTH!!!...thiz iz another condish that ive been using 4 yearz & my hair luvz thiz az well...itz also a main ingredient n my *conditioner cocktail*mix...hmm may have 2 post that blog next...but um ya, i use thiz on my d/c dayz...alwayz givez my hair fabulouz resultz...can b a lil on the pricey side tho...but if ur gonna go out & spend ridiculouz amountz of money on hair care productz, consider thiz an *investment*...i think the cheapest ive seen the *BIG* bottle 4 @ walmart could b about $24.99, but dont quote me on seemz everybody & their momma iz selling thiz now a dayz...sallyz even haz a generic brand that they sell 4 about $5.99...same ingredientz, but i cant really say if the resultz r the same....2 b honest, i havent really been consistently using it...i remember back n the day u could only purchase thiz if u were a cosmetologist or if u went 2 a salon...boy have timez changed...but 4 the best, lol...thiz iz definitely a staple of minez!

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KQ July 31, 2008 at 6:24 PM  

I loved this on Kyndal's hair but I only purchased a really small size but I haven't had a chance to really give it a good run on my hair. I was planning on getting some more and trying it for myself. Good review

Hair-A-Mania.Dot.Com August 1, 2008 at 12:34 AM  

girllllllllllll...imma kick ur i am thinkin ur some random chick, & itz ur azz....lmaooooooooooooo...u aint rite...naw but um thiz iz the bomb of all condishez...itz even betta with some tea tree & under the dryer...i think imma take it back 2 05 condition my hair waz eva n...

Ashley Futak,  August 1, 2008 at 2:44 PM  


I am writing to tell you about a hands-on campaign you and your readers will love!

Nexxus Salon Hair Care challenged contestants of Bravo's show "Shear Genius" to show models, step-by-step, how to style their own hair. Now they want to hear from you! Think you have what it takes to be a pro? Prove it! Develop an easy to follow, step-by-step styling plan with either photos or video of your best look. The hair style can be anything you want, from long to wavy, sleek to curly, tousled to an amazing updo. Show us in four simple steps your best and upload them at
You could win a trip to NYC to join Nexxus for the Shear Genius Finale party and much more! Take your hair to the Nexxus level!

If you would like more information or some images from the campaign, feel free to contact me at or 858.587.2530 xt. 421.


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