Saturday, December 20, 2008

Roadtrip Finale, Curlz Gone Wrong, & 2Bossay, Kennisha, & Traycee In The L.B.C.

alright so i finally made it back 2 killa kali, the state where they kill safe & sound...thanku JESUS...that trip waz something else....@ 1 point we didnt even think that we would make it back safely 4 fear of the dam truck & trailer tippin ova...smh...traveling across country aint no dam joke...but itz definitely an experience 2 say the least..yez i kno im about a week late on posting thiz blog...hell im tryna get back n2 the swing of thingz...eva since i touched down, ive been on a mission everyday non stop...nothing like when i waz n wat a difference a state makez rite? my girl kennisha from K.I.S.S. came out here 4 a few dayz 2 handle some bizznezz, so her, Traycee (K.I.S.S.'s almighty creator), their s/o'z & myself all got a chance 2 hang out 4 a few hourz b4 kennisha dashed back across the country...i had been talking 2 them both online & on the fone 4 monthz & monthz now & 2 finally get a chance 2 meet them waz pricelezz...good folkz r hard 2 find these dayz, especially *real* onez...we had a good time hanging out n the lbc, in spite of the cold hair waz 2 dam thru by the time i got back 2 the tilt tho...omg i couldnt believe every dam curl had fallen & my hair waz like a BIG azz poof ball...o well, nothing a lil heat & some rollerz cant help....but um ya i enjoyed myself 2nite & im glad i waz able 2 meet some good peepz that i'll probably kno 4 yearz....shoutout 2 traycee & kennisha...kennisha get home safe!!!!!'z a few picz of uz freezing r asses off n long beach....until next time folkz....l8rzzzzzzzzzz...

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Optimum Oil Therapy 3 in 1 Creme Oil Moisturizer

What They Say
Complete hair regimen that can be used day and night
Replenishes essential oils and prevents breakage
Protects against heat damage
Contains Coconut, Olive, Avocado and Jojoba oils
Featuring Micro-Oil Technology.
With no greasy build-up.

Finally all the benefits of oil without the greasy build-up! Micro-Oil technology penetrates hair with micro-beads of natural therapeutic oils to nourish, repair, strengthen and protect hair without greasy buildup. Provides essential oils for moisture and shine. Protects hair from blow-drying and heat styling and helps to prevent dryness and breakage.

What I Say
it basically did the job that i needed it 2 do....i picked thiz 9.7oz bottle up @ walmart 4 $4.12 out in texas when i waz on the road last hair waz looking a hot azz mess bcuz i had accidently packed up my wave nouveau moisturizing lotion...& bcuz i waz applying my mega tek daily throughout the trip, my hair waz drying out alot faster than we had 2 make a dam pit stop so i could get some moisturization going on back n2 my thiz iz 1 of the productz i chose...would i buy thiz again?...probably not, bcuz itz not az moisturizing az the other moisturizerz that i use....but if ur n an emergency type situation, it will definitely serve the purpose.


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