Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Cream

Thiz product iz enriched with cocoa butter, petroleum jelly & vitamin E.. this conditioning cream penetrates deeply and eliminates dryness, leaving skin soft and thiz cream iz by far thicker than the lotion...i dont even fool with that crap...itz consistency iz 2 thin...ive been using thiz 4 ova a year now & i absolutely, positively luv thiz stuff...up until a few monthz ago i waz using thiz 4 my whole body, but now that ive found out about the wonderful world of oilz, im good...but thatz another story 4 another blog...but um ya, thiz stuff iz the bomb...bcuz i have very dry skin i use thiz az my moisturizer 4 my face after i cleanse it...itz thick, rich, & keepz my face, & handz well moisturized all day everyday...i usually buy minez from walmart bcuz of the cost factor...i truly believe that walmart haz the best & cheapest pricez over all these storez...if u dont believe me, go & investigate 4 urself...i think i pay some where between $2.99-3.49 4 a tube of thiz stuff...cant remember @ the moment...but itz definitely cheaper than the drug storez or the market.


Elasta QP Mango Butter

Intensely rich thermal protecting treatment...penetrates, protects and remoisturizes, leaving hair strong and healthy... olive and coconut oilz target dry endz and help prevent damage...shine-enhancing, non-greasy formula...o & the smell?...truly devine...makez u just wanna eat thiz rite outta the ive been using thiz product 4 about a month & 1/2 now, & i must say it keepz the hair moisturized i will disagree with them when they say itz a non greasy doez tend 2 b on the greasy if ur lookin 4 a *lite weight* moisturizer, thiz isnt it... however i put some on my hair 2day when i did a quick pony-tail 2 the side, & it laid my hair down without n e problemz...i like thiz product & i will continue 2 buy depending on where u go 2 pick it up, the price will vary...i found my jar @ a local bss 4 $4.99...but i also saw it @ another bss 4 $9.99...i waz like o hell naw 4 that lil 4 oz they kno they arent rite & somebody needz 2 b slapped 4 real cuz thatz highway robbery!!! please shop around if u can, cuz 4 $9.99, hell thatz 2 jarz from where i got minez from!!!


Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner

Giovanni claimz 2 b a weightless, enriched with certified organic botanicals....restores strength, luster and nourishment to abused hair....moisturizes and builds body....detangles for easy comb-out, easy styling....alright so everybody haz been ranting & raving about thiz dam giovanni direct leave in condish...yeah it did glide thru my hair...ya it waz kinda silky while i waz doin my braid out....but so wat...dam near everything doez with the giovanni direct, my hair wasnt hard but it dam sure wasnt soft...i really cant say wat it waz that i waz expecting thiz product 2 do...but um needlezz 2 say, it didnt do it...i found my bottle of thiz & the rest of thiz line @ the vitamin if my memory servez me correctly, it waz about $7.15 a pop...i kno it waz lezz than $8 buckz...ive also been told that itz @ rite-aid 2, 4 about the same price...o & i have seen it @ my local health food store......@ n e rate, seeing how im such a *PJ* & ill try n e thing once, i can now say that ive been there, dun that, & im good...ill chalk thiz up az a lost & add it with the rest of the productz on my *loser* list...imma admit that itz been collecting dust n the basket that i keep all of my productz n....but since ive been getting n 2 rollersetz lately, im thinkin about resurrecting thiz crap, mixing it with some H2o, & using it 4 rollersetting purposez....hey, watz the worse that can happen rite?...if all else failz, i use watz left of it az toilet bowl cleaner!


Coconut Milk Powder

powder-like, fine texture, and white, coconut milk powder is manufactured through the spray drying process of raw unsweetened coconut cream.....coconut milk powder is a good substitute for fresh coconut milk...usually canned coconut milk should b refrigerated after using, & it usually keepz 4 a few dayz up until about a week or so...but the powder form iz ready 2 use just by adding hot H20...although i have yet 2 try thiz, i think thiz would make az a great alternative 4 those that want 2 try coconut milk az a conditioner, but dont want the drippy, runny, would also b of benefit 4 those that wanna have betta control of the portionz they use, so that they wont have 2 toss it out if itz not used up n itz entirety.


Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

now these 2 claim 2 b an exclusive blend of organic coconut milk 2 nourish your hair...ultra whipped egg white proteins add strength & elasticity, along with weight-less coconut oils 2 add hydration & balance...the luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves ur hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented & super it definitely smellz heavenly, but the poo left my hair feeling like it waz stripped...i didnt like that feeling @ all...n my opinion it felt like i had used a clarifying poo or thiz brand iz supposed 2 b a sulfate free formula...i dont kno if sulfatez have n e thing 2 do with that *stripped* feeling, but i will do some research & get back 2 u on the subject...the condish on other hand, waz hair waz kinda soft after i used it...if i had 2 purchase these again, i would go with the condish & leave the poo rite there on the shelf...ive purchased mine from walgreenz 4 about $6.99 a bottle...but az alwayz, i caught minez on sale....i think @ the time it waz buy 1 get the other 50% off....u kno me, alwayz lookin 4 a also used the vanilla silk poo & condish az well...same rulez apply here with both of these...they also come n teatree mint, white tea grapeseed, shea butter, & other kindz...2 many 2 name...just google them 2 c the rest if ur interested...overall 4 the price i paid, i couldve bought a bigger, betta, brand of productz worth my money.


Aussie Moist Conditioner

okay Aussie Moist Conditioner for dry, damaged hair claims to give dry hair a long quenching drink that will make it silky and irresistible... itz made with Australian guava fruit, and it claimz 2 provide dry, damaged hair with a moisture all that may be so, but once again i WASN'T impressed....thiz crap had me scared 2 comb thru my hair...once i attempted 2 put the comb thru it & it wouldnt go, i waz like o hell 2 the nawwwwwwwwwwwww....itz not a cheapy condish n my opinion either....i think i paid over $2 buckz 4 thiz garbage....something that i will neva, eva, do again...believe that!...on the other hand, it did have a nice smell 2 it...i used 2 use something by them back n the day, & it also had a very sweet smelling aroma az well...i think n a nut shell, thatz all they're good 4 iz making sweet smelling, non-working productz!


HE: Hello Hydration

thiz product claimz 2 give dry hair the moisture drink it needs while itz supposed 2 hydrate your hair and leave it silky and my hair thought differently...sorry, but im NOT impressed...yez the smell of coconut milk & orchidz waz fresh, clean, & invigorating...but the buck stopz here!...i could barely get a comb thru my dam hair...smh...needlezz 2 say, thiz condish isnt really cheap 2 me either...i think i paid $3.99 & that waz @ family dollar!!!...but then again, they're not the cheapest store n town...but um yeah i can definitely say that thiz iz 1 product that i will NOT b buying i usually luv clariol productz...but n thiz case, imma need mz. clairol 2 come betta than thiz next time....


Rich Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair

recently i found thiz website called have alot of recipez 4 hair care on there that i thought were very interesting...especially when 1/2 of the ingredientz can b found n ur kitchen here'z 1 that im contemplating doing with n the next week or so...

2 ounces aloe vera gel

1/2 teaspoon olive, avocado, or jojoba oil

2 ounces organic apple cider vinegar

1 ounce powdered milk

1. Combine ingredients in a bowl, stirring to blend.
2. Apply to freshly-washed damp hair.
3. Rinse with warm water.

now thiz recipe iz supposed 2 restore luster and health to your dry or damaged i can do thiz little simple recipe bcuz i have ALL the ingredientz already except 4 the powdered milk...hell they still make that crap?...smh...but um, im thinkin about substituting the powdered milk 4 say some coconut milk?...that should make 4 an interesting combo...hmmm, once i do thiz concoction, i will definitely return 2 post my resultz..



Honey iz known 2 b a humectant & itz also said 2 help dry hair by adding moisture & shine...supposedly u have 2 buy it n itz *raw* form 2 achieve itz full benefitz...hmmm, i waz thinking watz the dam difference???...honey iz honey rite?...well thiz iz when u start 2 get all technical with the chemical processing that it goez through & all the crap that iz removed from it...blahblahblah...i myself have used a few different honey recipez, but i cant really say whether or not it made my hair n e different n termz of far az moisture goez, my hair iz alwayz dry, dry, i think i would notice if it waz retaining n e moisture from the honey...u can usually get *raw* honey from ur local health food store, & ive also bought some from the vitamin can b a bit pricey, so once again u may wanna shop around 4 the best deal n town...n my opinion, i think honey iz honey & u can probably reap the same rewardz or benefitz by using that little old bottle thatz shaped like a bear @ ur local'z a quick recipe: 1/2 tablespoon of honey & add it 2 some conditioner; mix well then apply it 2 ur hair...apply a plastic cap & let it sit on ur hair 4 15-20 minutez...rinse thoroughly & style az usual...good luck!!


Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a milky white cooking base derived from the meat of a mature coconut... it shouldn't b confused with coconut water (coconut juice), which is the naturally-occurring liquid found inside a coconut...coconut milk iz packed with protein & oilz that will leave ur hair feeling stronger, healthier, & looking shinier...i recently started using coconut milk az a protein treatment on my hair...i take 1/2 a can of coconut milk, some conditioner, either some avocado or coconut oil, or sometimez both....combine them 2gether n a bowl & mix them up....i then apply thiz 2 dry hair, cover with a plastic cap, & sit under my heating cap 4 about 15-20 minutez...after that i rinse it out with warm water, & continue with my regular hair thiz mixture can b a tad bit runny, so u may wanna have a towel or 2 handy 2 catch the run-off...the plastic cap comez n handy, but if u dont have that then u may have 2 improvise & use a plastic bag that u can secure with a clip...i found that the *Thai* brand, iz a little bit more expensive, but im told n some casez itz betta bcuz itz a thicker consistency...ive found it @ walmart 4 about $1.55 maybe...cant ive seen it n the health food store 4 dam near $2.25 & i had 2 do a double make sure u do a comparison when shopping around 4 thiz product...u can also find coconut milk @ ur local supermarket...ive noticed a subtle change in my hair & i will continue 2 use thiz n my hair care regimen.


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