Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Honey iz known 2 b a humectant & itz also said 2 help dry hair by adding moisture & shine...supposedly u have 2 buy it n itz *raw* form 2 achieve itz full benefitz...hmmm, i waz thinking watz the dam difference???...honey iz honey rite?...well thiz iz when u start 2 get all technical with the chemical processing that it goez through & all the crap that iz removed from it...blahblahblah...i myself have used a few different honey recipez, but i cant really say whether or not it made my hair n e different n termz of far az moisture goez, my hair iz alwayz dry, dry, i think i would notice if it waz retaining n e moisture from the honey...u can usually get *raw* honey from ur local health food store, & ive also bought some from the vitamin can b a bit pricey, so once again u may wanna shop around 4 the best deal n town...n my opinion, i think honey iz honey & u can probably reap the same rewardz or benefitz by using that little old bottle thatz shaped like a bear @ ur local'z a quick recipe: 1/2 tablespoon of honey & add it 2 some conditioner; mix well then apply it 2 ur hair...apply a plastic cap & let it sit on ur hair 4 15-20 minutez...rinse thoroughly & style az usual...good luck!!

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