Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HE: Hello Hydration

thiz product claimz 2 give dry hair the moisture drink it needs while itz supposed 2 hydrate your hair and leave it silky and my hair thought differently...sorry, but im NOT impressed...yez the smell of coconut milk & orchidz waz fresh, clean, & invigorating...but the buck stopz here!...i could barely get a comb thru my dam hair...smh...needlezz 2 say, thiz condish isnt really cheap 2 me either...i think i paid $3.99 & that waz @ family dollar!!!...but then again, they're not the cheapest store n town...but um yeah i can definitely say that thiz iz 1 product that i will NOT b buying i usually luv clariol productz...but n thiz case, imma need mz. clairol 2 come betta than thiz next time....

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