Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Invasion Robbery & Y God Iz Good

on 2/6/09 @ about 4am, my family & i were victimz of a home invasion robbery...we were held @ gunpoint & repeatedly asked the ? *wherez the money @?*...the people that did thiz came through r front door & the crazy thing about the whole situation iz that i believe the LORD woke me up....once i woke up i laid n my bed 4 a few minutez tryna figure out wat thiz noise waz that i waz hearing comin from downstairz....they were basically prying the door open with probably a crow bar or something of that nature....gunz were pointed n r facez etc....fortunately 4 uz, my hubby & brother were not here @ the time...both of them r outta town on bizznezz, & that may b 1 of the *positive* thingz 2 come outta thiz horrible occurrence...i honestly believe had they been here with uz, the ending 2 thiz story would most likely b doubt i had 2 go out & pick up some protection 4 uz now cuz my brother & hubby still havent made it back 2 uz...i refuse 2 b another victim & itz amazing wat u will do 4 ur kidz...but n no way will n e body come back n thiz house & point gunz n my kidz, or n e of my loved onez facez now we have 1 rottweiler n the house with uz, & 1 patrolling the front yard....GOD blezz them if they get past the 1 n the yard...but if they do, please believe me when i say ill b shooting 1st & askin ?'z hubby & my brother were repeately asking uz y didnt we have the dogz out?...2 b honest, we couldnt even answer them....thiz haz 2 b 1 of the most traumatic thingz that ive eva experienced n my life...especially when u dont kno if ur gonna b able 2 live 2 tell about it or wat the outcome iz gonna b...i honestly thought that we were all gonna b killed & r story on the morning newz...omg....needlezz 2 say, we're now n the procezz of relocating once soooo ready 2 go now 2....itz 2 scary not knowing if theyre gonna try 2 come back or if somebody else iz having n e bright ideaz 2 try & come & do the same thing...smh....i cant stop thanking the GOOD LORD up above 4 letting uz live another day...obviously it wasnt r time 2 go or we'd b gone...i guezz we still have some bizznezz 2 handle while down here...GOD IZ GOOD ALL THE TIME, & ALL THE TIME GOD IZ truly counting my blessingz on a daily thankful 2 b thankful my family'z livez were just thankful period....once again, GOD IZ GOOD ALL THE TIME, & ALL THE TIME GOD IZ GOOD....can i get an amen?


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