Thursday, January 8, 2009

Care Free Curl Gold Activator

What They Say
... Restores curls, smoothes...
Care Free Curl Gold-Instant Activator Activates and moisturizes in one easy step! Restores curls, smoothes hair and adds sheen; while silk moisturizers soften and help prevent breakage. Leaves hair feeling silkier, looking livelier...never greasy or stiff.

What I Say
thiz iz some startz off doing everything it sayz it doez...but after about a week, ur left with dry azz hair...or n thiz case, my daughter usually when i braid her hair, ive been using the wave nouveau & some after 2 weekz & taking her hair down, her hair iz still very much moisturized & the whole shabang...thiz last particular time i braided, about a few weekz ago, we used thiz garbage & i thought it waz all good...that iz, until she took the braidz down & her hair waz az dry az the dam now i kno, softsheen needz 2 go back & revamp thiz shit...cuz itz definitely 4 the birdz...itz mind boggling that they make thiz & the wave nouveau, but thiz iz some straight garbage tho...i paid about $3.99 4 an 8oz bottle of thiz crap @ sallyz...i will definitely not b repurchasing thiz shit eva again...i will continue 2 stick with the wave nouveau...i'm 2Bossay, & i approve thiz message.


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