Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mega Tek

so 2day i officially decided 2 start using Mega Tek....after spending all day yesterday on variouz hair boardz & doing my research, ive finally decided 2 jump on the bandwagon....luckily 4 me, i waz able 2 find a local equestrian store by my house that i could go & pick up the goodz instead of having 2 order it online...i absolutely h8 having 2 wait 4 my shit 2 come n the mail...i want my stuff when i want it...not dayz & weekz l8r...2 hell with that...@ n e rate, i also picked up some more garlic gel capz 2 combat the supposed shedding that may b involved from using the product...i also picked up some sea salt 2 add 2 my condishez...i stole the recipe off of 1 of the hair boardz also...i had been hearing about doing thiz, but i neva tried im gonna indulge myself & c wat thatz all about....i got my mega tek 4 $ garlic tabz were 2 4 $5.94 @ walmart....i also got my sea salt @ walmart 27ozs 4 $1.88....ill post my starting picz n a day or so...until then, ill holllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
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