Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil with Mink Oil

What They Say
Hair & scalp moisturizing, healing, strengthening and conditioning.
Use daily to condition, moisturize and restore natural sheen to your hair and scalp.
Helps prevent split ends and breakage.
Excellent conditioner for natural, pressed relaxed or color treated hair.
Recommended as a conditioner for babies hair and skin.

What I Say
picked thiz 7.5oz jar up @ riteaid 4 about $3.69 & it came with a free jar of olive oil cholesterol..thought that waz a nice free gift...thiz iz a nice alternate form of castor oil, az compared 2 the liquid kind...i still have the bottle of the liquid form i got from walmart several monthz ago...barely used it, & itz az messy az can b...but um, ya thiz iz definitely a keeper...itz real light, & it layz ur edgez down like u wouldnt haz a nice lil smell 2 it 2 & it also givez ur hair a really nice glossy shine...would i buy thiz oil again, sayz u?...absolutely...u can neva have 2 many oilz n ur stash!


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