Sunday, November 23, 2008

*Mini Me* Getz Pressed, Flat Ironed, & Dusted

so lil *mini me* haz been buggin me 2 press & flat iron that head of since they're off thiz whole dam week 4 the holiday & itz *hair day* n e wayz, i decided 2day would b the she got the usual which consisted of a pre-poo, wash/condish, press & a flat iron...i followed that up with a dusting of those endz 4good didnt want it, but mother knoz shez gonna bun it up 4 the rest of the week...i told her 2 enjoy it, cuz come next weekend she will have that azz back n cornrowz fa sho....u knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....l8r gatorz...

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MSM, A New Vitamin & A Few Re-Upz

okee so like ive been saying n previous postz, i wanted 2 start 2 implement MSM n2 my 2day i went 2 walmart & picked up a bottle of that 4 about $8.24, i got some more EVCO 4 $9.96, some more Hair, Skin, & Nails vitaminz 4 $6.87, & some stresstabs 4 some much needed energy, 4 $ mom recommended these cuz i told her how tired ive been n spite of the abundance of vitaminz i have been we'll c how they work....2 b continued....

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The Enchantress by Allison Hobbs

Eris is a fallen goddess who has been demoted to roam the earth in the guise of a slave. Intending to become the mistress of the plantation, she uses her dark powers to bewitch and sexually enslave her owner, Arthur Stovall. Her plan, however, goes awry and Eris is banished to the dark realm -- the dwelling place for corrupt and depraved souls.

With an uncontrollable desire for vengeance upon the Stovall family, Eris uses trickery to escape this lower dimension. However, two hundred years have passed and settling the score with the plantation master is no longer an option. Undeterred, Eris turns her merciless intentions toward the last descendant of the Stovall line, who happens to be an African-American male, making her road to revenge much more complicated.

My Opinion
welpz thiz iz my 4th book by Allison Hobbs, & i must say i waz very disappointed...i did NOT like thiz 1 @ all...i dont kno if it waz the plot or wat it waz...i couldnt wait 2 get through with thiz...i h8 2 start something & not finish it, so thiz iz y i continued 2 read it...i would not recommend it @ all.


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