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Hask Pure Shine Polishing Serum with Silk Protein

Repairs & conditions dry damaged hair. Ideal for thermal styling. Smoothes, shines & defrizzes. Alcohol free. Hask Pure Shine Polishing Serum with special silk proteins is formulated to repair, strengthen and condition dry, damaged and overstressed hair.
Delivers shaping power, volume and texture for a smooth frizz free look.
This lightweight formula with UV protectors is a must for styling with all thermal tools. Use daily on either wet or dry hair for the smooth shiny styles you've always wanted. Can be used daily & is ideal for use on chemically treated when i wear my hair straight, i gotta have major body...i cant b walking around with stiff, limp azz hair...un uh, not the naturally im not really enthused with serumz cuz they're a bit heavy...2 heavy 2 have mega body going on...but i used thiz the other day when i did my curl set & the resultz were good....the smell iz heavenly 2....y do they make all these productz that just smell so good u wanna eat em? um i picked up a bottle of thiz a few monthz ago @ walgreenz i think 4 around $4 or $5 buckz...i really cant remember bcuz itz been THAT i think it waz like $4.57 or something but dont quote me on that...i do remember seeing it @ walmart az well 4 about the same i wont use thiz on a daily basis cuz eventually it will start 2 weigh my hair down...but when i get ready 2 do my curl setz, i'll use a dime sized amount along with my foam wrap & b good 2 go.


Proclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion with Olive Oil

Proclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion gives a natural, yet firm hold and gives hair maximum volume. It contains Olive Oil and Panthenol to provide shine and protection during heat styling. Delivers incredible body and hair maximum volume...Quick drying..Adds shine and luster.....okay so i bought thiz well ova 2 monthz ago, but neva used it until 2day...i wanted 2 use something that wouldnt revert my hair back 2 itz natural state....i used about a dime sized amount along with a dime sized amount of Hask serum which i will review after thiz...set my hair on sponge rollerz & the resultz were superb 2 say the least....(c my previouz blog entry)...i got thiz good sized 8.5 oz bottle @ sallyz 4 about $3.49 with my sallyz ive recently been using proclaimz productz & i must say that im very satisfied with them....they just may become a staple 4 already a user of their natural 7 olive oil....i luvvvvvvvvvvvv that stuff...the smell iz so foam wrap smellz exactly the same way....but my curlz definitely had a lot of body & bounce 2 frizzinezz, fly-awayz, no im a happy lil if u have tried all the rest, then go out & pick up a bottle of the best!....u will b happy u did.


Heat Day Revisited...& Indulgence...

alright due 2 popular demand im gonna b combining my basic blog with my review my blog from thiz point tired of bloggin all ova the i will b linkin ma blog soon & probably redoing the whole layout cuz i get bored real soon az i get a dam day off, look out 4 those changez soon....alright onto my blog....alright so i havent been using the heat thing since ive been on thiz K.I.S.S. challenge...thingz have been going good, & im luvin the fact that i can b my plain ole lazy azz self by not bothering with my hair 1 im basically using my heating pazz once a month 2 do a length check & thatz about it...tuesday waz *D-Day* & i had been itching 2 try the biolage conditioning balm by i picked up a bottle of the generic brand @ sallyz, applied thiz while n the shower, & when i got out i also applied my *conditioner cocktail mix* 4 a d/c treatment....i did the d/c 4 about 20-30 minz with no heat.....afterwardz i pressed & flat ironed my hair....then i decided i wanted 2 rock my hair with curlz, so i broke out my curling iron, curled my hair & headed 2 the time i got there, of course all my curlz were gone...needlezz 2 say, i still left it down 4 part of the nite...when i got home yesterday morning, i basically broke out my Proclaimz Natural 7 Olive Oil Foam Wrap & some Hask Serum & rolled my hair on sponge rollerz cuz i wanted 2 c wat kinda curlz & hold i would get from thiz....tied my head down, took my nap, got ready 4 work l8r on n the evening & man waz i surprised....the foam wrap & the serum did itz set waz sooo tight & curlz were so good that itz still maintaining rite now while im @ work...ive only been on the job 4 about 6hrz now, so thatz pretty good 4 the set 2 still b holdin it down & the curlz 2 still have that *tightnezz* 2 em....i had bought the foam wrap awhile back & thiz waz my 1st time using it....i really didnt wanna use my leave inz, or lottabody bcuz i didnt want my hair 2 revert back 2 itz natural *mandingo* state, which would defeat the whole purpose of using heat....guezz imma have 2 do a review on the Hask & the Foam wrap now on my hair review if ur interested, check me out...if not, so, alright of course picz r 2 follow & all that jazz...until next time folkz, peace & hair grease...... BOSSAY'Z OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

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GVP Moisturizing Conditioner: Compare to Nexxus Humectress

GVP Moisturizing Conditioner is a deep moisturizing formula. Compare to Nexxus Humectress and save! A unique formulation that provides hair with the a moisture balance that is necessary for hair to be incredibly smooth. Provides hair with a natural lustre. Helps eliminate static electricity and protects against damaging UV rays. For all hair types.....once again here'z another product that i have used & itz the same az nexxus humectrezz rite down 2 the smell....ingredientz r side by side on the bottle 2 put ur lil mind @ ease that ur not gettin beat n n e form or fashion...hahaha....price of course is definitely unbeatable @ $5.99 or $5.29 with ur good ole sallyz about nexxus is runnin @ $25 n most walmartz, so u do the math...dont sleep, or u just mite mizz out!


GVP Tea Tree Oil Conditioner: Compare to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

GVP Tea Tree Oil Conditioner combines invigorating tea tree oil to promote shiny, healthy hair. Compare to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner and save!Exclusive blends smooth and soften the hair’s surface, removing tangles for easier wet and dry combing, and helps prevent moisture loss in the hair. A unique combination of Tea Tree Oil, and other extracts create an uplifting and refreshing aromatherapy experience as you massage this conditioner into your hair. Wake up and experience pure refreshment with GVP Tea Tree Oil Conditioner. ...thiz iz another 1 of the sallyz generic brandz ive used & itz definitely something i will continue 2 keep on using...i use thiz az 1 of the ingredientz in my conditioner cocktail mix...i used 2 buy paul mitchellz tea tree, but letz b honest here....the shit iz over priced 4 real....thiz bottle here iz only $5.99 & u kno paul mitchell iz double 2 triple 4 me, thatz a win win all around....ill b real with u, the slip isnt really that great but neither iz the original....but ive been using thiz az a staple 4 my cocktail 4 yearz now so imma continue 2 do just that....thiz also haz the ingredient comparison on the bottle, so ur n the kno of wat ur getting....i really luv the tea tree/peppermint smell, & thiz iz the real reason i continue 2 use thiz condish.


GVP Conditioning Balm: Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm

GVP Conditioning Balm replenishes dry, stressed hair with intense moisture and leaves hair silky and shiny. Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm and save! Infused with botanical moisturizers to hydrate and restore dry, damaged hair. Deeply moisturizes over-dry, damaged hair
Replenishing over-stressed hair. Provides shine, silkiness and thiz iz the 3 product that ive bought from thiz particular line....thiz line iz found @ sallyz & itz basically a cheaper or rather *generic* brand of 2dayz most expensive productz on the if u have eva seen these productz b4 n sallyz u probably have just by passed them thinkin that they cant possibly b az good az the originalz....pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...believe me, when i say THEY'RE JUST AZ GOOD AZ THE ORIGINALZ!!!...they have the EXACT same ingredientz listed on the bottle & 2 prove 2 u that itz the same, they list their ingredientz & the originalz side by side on the bottle so that u can do the comparison....dig that.... c wat the problem iz, iz that we're so focused on *name brand* productz that we'll run out like dope fiendz & spend r last coinz on just that, a dam name....yall betta wake up & c thatz all ur really paying 4, iz a name & a dam bottle with a label on it...smmfh...dam shame...yez i have been guilty of thiz 2, but not n e recognize game & im on top of minez....but um ya, thiz product iz similar 2 matrix's biolage conditioning balm....itz got a very, very thick consistency which iz a + all day long 4 hair waz easy 2 detangle & it waz very soft once i rinsed thiz out...itz $5.99 all day @ sallyz & if u have the sallyz card, then ur doing *BIG* thangz cuz ur gonna save a few more coinz....matrix on the other hand, iz probably gonna run about @ least $10 buckz or betta...i dont kno the actual price nor do i care 2....but um ya i'll b adding thiz 2 my ever growing repertoire of productz from thiz day forward....pick some up, u wont b disappointed.


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