Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hask Pure Shine Polishing Serum with Silk Protein

Repairs & conditions dry damaged hair. Ideal for thermal styling. Smoothes, shines & defrizzes. Alcohol free. Hask Pure Shine Polishing Serum with special silk proteins is formulated to repair, strengthen and condition dry, damaged and overstressed hair.
Delivers shaping power, volume and texture for a smooth frizz free look.
This lightweight formula with UV protectors is a must for styling with all thermal tools. Use daily on either wet or dry hair for the smooth shiny styles you've always wanted. Can be used daily & is ideal for use on chemically treated when i wear my hair straight, i gotta have major body...i cant b walking around with stiff, limp azz hair...un uh, not the naturally im not really enthused with serumz cuz they're a bit heavy...2 heavy 2 have mega body going on...but i used thiz the other day when i did my curl set & the resultz were good....the smell iz heavenly 2....y do they make all these productz that just smell so good u wanna eat em? um i picked up a bottle of thiz a few monthz ago @ walgreenz i think 4 around $4 or $5 buckz...i really cant remember bcuz itz been THAT i think it waz like $4.57 or something but dont quote me on that...i do remember seeing it @ walmart az well 4 about the same i wont use thiz on a daily basis cuz eventually it will start 2 weigh my hair down...but when i get ready 2 do my curl setz, i'll use a dime sized amount along with my foam wrap & b good 2 go.

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