Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heat Day Revisited...& Indulgence...

alright due 2 popular demand im gonna b combining my basic blog with my review my blog from thiz point tired of bloggin all ova the i will b linkin ma blog soon & probably redoing the whole layout cuz i get bored real soon az i get a dam day off, look out 4 those changez soon....alright onto my blog....alright so i havent been using the heat thing since ive been on thiz K.I.S.S. challenge...thingz have been going good, & im luvin the fact that i can b my plain ole lazy azz self by not bothering with my hair 1 im basically using my heating pazz once a month 2 do a length check & thatz about it...tuesday waz *D-Day* & i had been itching 2 try the biolage conditioning balm by i picked up a bottle of the generic brand @ sallyz, applied thiz while n the shower, & when i got out i also applied my *conditioner cocktail mix* 4 a d/c treatment....i did the d/c 4 about 20-30 minz with no heat.....afterwardz i pressed & flat ironed my hair....then i decided i wanted 2 rock my hair with curlz, so i broke out my curling iron, curled my hair & headed 2 the time i got there, of course all my curlz were gone...needlezz 2 say, i still left it down 4 part of the nite...when i got home yesterday morning, i basically broke out my Proclaimz Natural 7 Olive Oil Foam Wrap & some Hask Serum & rolled my hair on sponge rollerz cuz i wanted 2 c wat kinda curlz & hold i would get from thiz....tied my head down, took my nap, got ready 4 work l8r on n the evening & man waz i surprised....the foam wrap & the serum did itz set waz sooo tight & curlz were so good that itz still maintaining rite now while im @ work...ive only been on the job 4 about 6hrz now, so thatz pretty good 4 the set 2 still b holdin it down & the curlz 2 still have that *tightnezz* 2 em....i had bought the foam wrap awhile back & thiz waz my 1st time using it....i really didnt wanna use my leave inz, or lottabody bcuz i didnt want my hair 2 revert back 2 itz natural *mandingo* state, which would defeat the whole purpose of using heat....guezz imma have 2 do a review on the Hask & the Foam wrap now on my hair review if ur interested, check me out...if not, so, alright of course picz r 2 follow & all that jazz...until next time folkz, peace & hair grease...... BOSSAY'Z OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

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