Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pantene Pro-V Nourishing Moisture Replenishing Mask

What They Say
Hair that's dry, parched and thirsty can drink in the nourishment this treatment provides. Massage in a healthy dose of Pro-Vitamin formula. This deep treatment takes only 3-5 minutes to do its penetrating, moisturizing job. You'll see all 5 signs of healthy-looking hair.
Reveal resilient, shiny, soft, silky, frizz-controlled hair...Gentle enough for color-treated hair...For great results, use weekly...

What I say
now thiz iz the final mask n the pantene line that i had wanted 2 try....i luv it!!!...the slip waz the best outta the 3 & im definitely a happy camper with price iz rite @ $3.34 i believe...once again dont quote me on that, but i do kno it waz unda $3.50...u get about 7.6oz of the good stuff & u can find it 4 that price where?...u guessed it folkz, WALMART!!!...will i b buying thiz again?...most definitely....i cant live without my pantene!


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