Monday, November 17, 2008

ORS Replenishing Packs

What They Say
Deep Penetrating Conditioner. Helps restore, moisturize, & rebuild damaged hair.

What I Say
aside from the smell, which iz on the citrusy side & smellz absolutely lovely i have no idea wat all the dam hoopla waz about...thiz & many other of the ORS productz r all the rave on each & every hair board that i go naturally i had 2 indulge myself & c wat all the fuss waz about....needlezz 2 say, im sooo NOT did absolutely NOTHING 4 my hair except 4 the wonderful thinking since all the folkz who have raved about thiz r on the *relaxed* side of the street, thiz may not b 4 uz *naturalz*...i got my lil packet from walmart 4 about $1.99 & im glad i didnt have 2 spend more on it...cuz itz definitely something that i will NOT b buying again...


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