Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Cream

Thiz product iz enriched with cocoa butter, petroleum jelly & vitamin E.. this conditioning cream penetrates deeply and eliminates dryness, leaving skin soft and thiz cream iz by far thicker than the lotion...i dont even fool with that crap...itz consistency iz 2 thin...ive been using thiz 4 ova a year now & i absolutely, positively luv thiz stuff...up until a few monthz ago i waz using thiz 4 my whole body, but now that ive found out about the wonderful world of oilz, im good...but thatz another story 4 another blog...but um ya, thiz stuff iz the bomb...bcuz i have very dry skin i use thiz az my moisturizer 4 my face after i cleanse it...itz thick, rich, & keepz my face, & handz well moisturized all day everyday...i usually buy minez from walmart bcuz of the cost factor...i truly believe that walmart haz the best & cheapest pricez over all these storez...if u dont believe me, go & investigate 4 urself...i think i pay some where between $2.99-3.49 4 a tube of thiz stuff...cant remember @ the moment...but itz definitely cheaper than the drug storez or the market.

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