Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caruso Steam Rollerz

The Caruso Professional Molecular Hairsetter was invented to finally give women the results that they longed for - long lasting curls and volume while keeping hair healthy, shiny and in great condition. The Caruso Professional Molecular system is a revolutionary process; tiny molecules of steam penetrate the hair shaft reforming the chain bonds to create healthy, strong beautiful curls. This hairsetter has been customized to give you the styling power to accommodate any and all of today's most popular hairstyles. The compact size also makes it ideal for home use...yez i went out & bought thiz...i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv thiz okee? iz very fast, & convenient especially when u dont have time 2 sit under a hot azz dryer all day...if u havent mastered the art of roller setting either, then u definitely need 2 make the investment...word 2 the wise tho, if u have long hair u may wanna pick up an xtra pack or 2 of the jumbo sized rollerz...they only give u 6 each of the different sizez...i found minez @ Sally'z 4 about $29.00...the xtra pack of rollerz r also @ Sally'z & they ran me about $12.99...but i have a Sally'z card now, & i think i may have paid $10 buckz cant remember...i usually put a lil Natural 7 Olive Oil on my endz b4 rolling & then set my hair on the rollerz...resultz have yet 2 fail me...itz a definite keeper!!

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