Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baking Soda

here'z another recipe i *lifted* from hearing such good reviewz about thiz....enjoy!!!...
2 cups of warm water
1 tablespoon of Baking Soda
Just add the ingredientz to an old shampoo bottle... shake well and the baking soda will dissolve in the warm water so don't worry about it being gritty...pour half of it over ur hair and massage n2 ur scalp, clean and then rinse... then take the rest and do it again making sure to work it in the hair so it will remove n e thing that may be left behind.....n my opinion i dont think 1 tablespoon iz of course u kno i had 2 do xtra...but um i used 2 big cupz of warm H20 & maybe about 2 tblz of the baking soda...i just eyeballed dont think it really did n e thing 4 my i had 2 call 4 back up...i used a clarifying poo once followed by a clarifying condish somebody told me a few key thingz 2 remember when doing thiz: 1 it does not cleanse well if you have a lot of product in your hair...2 if you add 2 much baking soda to ur mix, ur hair will get hard....O & 1 more thing.... try adding some to ur conditioner....i have yet 2 try adding it 2 my condishez yet...i waz just NOT impressed with the fact that it didnt work on my hair @ all...could b bcuz i had 2 much product on my hair already...hmmm...n n e case, the jury iz still out.

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