Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner

The product iz specially designed to repair the look of damage, to provide hair protection against future damage and to help prevent split ends from forming... moisturized to leave hair soft, manageable and containz a unique Pantene Amino Pro-V complex...ive been using thiz 4 yearz, & although it containz *conez* my hair luvz thiz stuff...alot of people do not like Pantene 4 wateva their reasonz r...but um, i beg 2 differ...itz so easy 2 comb thru my hair once i apply hair iz like *butta baby* when i glide the comb thru i usually just buy the BIG bottle @ where else?...u guessed it, WALMART!!!...i think it runz me about $4 or $5 buckz...but it lastz a looooong time...i pretty much use thiz az 1 of my d/c'z in my *conditoner cocktail* mix....hasnt failed me yet...thiz will ALWAYZ b a friend of minez.

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