Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hair Steamerz

i waz thinkin about purchasing a hair steamer since ive heard such good thingz about it...they say that steam treatments are intense, as it allows moisture to penetrate the shaft easily az well az the conditioner, unlike the dryer method that just leavez conditioners on top of the hair with/without a cap .....the hair steamer provides moist warm air as a gentle alternative to the conventional heat they cut down on processing time...steaming allows deep treatments to penetrate the cuticle with moist heat vs dry heat from a dryer...steam treatmentz r supposed 2 b excellent 4 natural hair...It is said too much steaming can actually be detrimental to the hair...steamerz will allow the hair 2 retain the extra moisture that it needz, which will ultimately lead 2 overall softnezz & little 2 no breakage....some people who don't have a steamer, opt 2 do a *do it yourself* steam treatment...thiz callz 4 wetting a towel turbie & putting it n the microwave 4 5 will b very hot....avoid putting it on ur earz & wrap ur hair...cover with a cap & sit under the dryer 4 10-15 minutez....there r many different variationz of thiz treatment, so 2 each hiz/her own....but the idea iz still the same...i found a steamer online 4 about $129.00 buckz...thiz iz the 1 i plan on getting by the end of thiz month, hopefully...ive also seen them 4 az much az $ when getting ready 2 make a big investment like thiz, itz best u shop around & try 2 get the best deal n town!

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