Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bigen Permanent Hair Color

i colored my hair back n February, & ive grown sick of the color now....so i decided 2 return 2 my natural color which iz black...i had heard of thiz Bigen color b4, but i wasnt aware that it waz permanent...i thought it waz temporary...i also didnt want 2 add n e more chemicalz on my hair since ive decided 2 get on thiz mission 2 take betta care of my tressez...it did a wonderful job...i actually picked up black dark brown...it lookz black on my hair tho...thiz iz definitely a keeper 4 me...im very happy with the resultz...itz a powder & u just need 2 add H20...u add according 2 how much of the color ur going 2 use...the best thing about thiz iz that there isnt n e ammonia & u dont have 2 add n e peroxide...so thatz another pluz n my book...the only con 2 thiz brand tho iz if u have long hair, u may wanna pick up about 4-5 bottlez...i made the mistake of only buying 1 yesterday, and it only covered 1 section of my hair...so i had 2 return 2 the store n the middle of coloring & get some more...but bcuz therez no ammonia (remember), it waz okay....i got the bottlez 4 $3.50, which i think iz a pretty good deal 4 permanent hair color.

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