Sunday, September 28, 2008

Delon Coconut Body Butter....

just some random blurbz i failed 2 mention n my earlier blog...i went 2 *Big Lotz* 2day 2 pick up a few thingz & stumbled on thiz coconut body butter by Delon....of course i opened it up, smelled it, & rubbed some on my handz 2 c how thick it waz...i dont particularly care 4 lotionz n e more, & sometimez i dont wanna b a dam *grease monkey* either...that oil crap getz all over my console n my car & stuff...cant b having n 2 creamz & butterz now, so i did like the consistency of the butter & got me a jar just 2 try it i put it on my handz just a few minutez ago, & thought dam now i needta go back 2 stock up on thiz....dam shame rite?...ya i kno, but since im not really buying n e more hair productz, y not?....itz onlee $3.00 4 a 6.9oz jar so thatz a dam deal n my book....@ n e rate just wanted 2 share with those that care or wanted 2 kno about a 1/2 way decent body butter 4 cheap....picz 2 follow....Bossay'z out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....
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