Monday, October 6, 2008

Aussie Moist 3 Min Deep Reconstructor

Aussie´s 3 Min Deep Reconstructor offers deeply intense conditioning with Australian Aloe and Jojoba Oil fortifies damaged hair...okeee blah blah it may offer an intense conditioning or wat have u but thiz crap had my hair a tangled i went out on a limb thinkin that thiz shit would uh...that waz NOT the i said b4, ill try n e thing once....thiz lil 8oz bottle waz $2.94 @ walmart which iz economical 2 say the least, but um it just didnt agree with my hair @ all...ive been thinking & ive come 2 realize that not only do some thingz work on some folkz hair & it may or may not work on urz...but another thing that needz 2 b taken n2 consideration iz the hair if u have 2 chickz with the same hair texture.... say 1 chick haz chemically processed hair & the other chick iz a natural and they use the same productz, chancez r the end resultz just wont b the same....the 1 with the chemical hair iz probably gonna have a betta experience with that product 9 timez outta 10 due 2 the alteration n the chemical structure of her not a scientist or n e thing, but im just saying...something 2 make u go hmmmmmmm....will i buy thiz crap again?...definitely NOT!

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