Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pantene Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo

What They Say
This rich Pantene Pro-vitamin shampoo has moisturizing conditioners that hydrate hair and help relieve scalp's dryness with every wash. It can help dry, brittle hair look healthy and irresistibly shiny. Used as part of a system with Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner, it helps:
Protect hair against damage to keep it healthy-looking
Fortify hair with essential oils to keep it strong against damage, soft, manageable and shiny. Gently cleanse chemically-relaxed, pressed or natural hair...

What I Say
luv it...it didnt leave my hair with that *stripped* feeling...now i had bought thiz several monthz ago, & hadnt used it since...itz just been sitting n my lil stash basket collecting dust....if i remember correctly, i paid between $2-3 buckz i believe @ dollar general 4 a 12.6 oz bottle...now im not biased when it comez 2 pantene productz just bcuz they happen 2 work so well on my hair...i will call it like i c it...but truth b told i have NOT ran n2 a product by pantene that didnt work 4 me...will i buy thiz again?..perhapz...when im outta a poo the next time i go shopping, i will no doubt have thiz on the top of my list.

4 hair-a-maniacz added their 2 centz:

laughing808 November 4, 2008 at 9:35 AM  

I haven't tried the shampoo, but the hair mask and the daily moisturizing conditioner is the bomb........I'll have to grab a bottle of this the next time I'm in Target

Charmaine November 4, 2008 at 12:37 PM  

hmmm...what about the conditioner Bossay? I need to go back to this line..but I have entirely too many dern products now *sigh*

Hair-A-Mania.Dot.Com November 4, 2008 at 3:39 PM  

i havent used the condish from thiz particular line...but the condishez from the other pantene linez r my tried n tru staplez...luv em 2 death....yaaaa boiiiii!!!...

Angel (I love rice moistirizer) Rice November 4, 2008 at 11:22 PM  

Rice moisturizer is one of natural moisturizers it helps protect the skin from being damaged by
UVA and UVB which are the cause of melasma, freckle, and skin cancer.
Because its has plentiful minerals, unsaturated fatty acid and vitamins especially the natural
vitamin E which is in high quantity as Tocols (Tocopherol & Tocotrienol), Gamma-Qryzanol and Ceramide.

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