Friday, November 7, 2008

Insatiable By Allison Hobbs..The Review


Insatiable: a seductive portrait of two women and their obsession with one man.

Life has delivered some hard knocks to Terelle Chambers, who grew up shuttling between foster homes. She desperately needs something or someone to believe in. She plans her future around Marquise, the father of her toddler daughter. Devastatingly sexy, Marquise is currently in jail on drug charges. Terelle, however, is living for his imminent return and dreaming of the day they can start building a life together as a real family.

A cunning seductress, Kai Montgomery is the bi-racial adopted daughter of a wealthy Caucasian couple. Rich, beautiful, and well-bred, Kai is Terelle's polar opposite. After being dumped by an affluent and very married physician, Kai is without a sex partner. When one of numerous trysts results in the best sex of her life, she becomes obsessed and is quickly set on a collision course destined to destroy many lives.

My Opinion
luved it once it started getting good..which waz more towardz the middle of the waz extremely long 4 my liking but i did manage 2 knock it down n 2 dayz or rather 2 nitez @ work......thiz iz the 2nd book by Allison Hobbs that ive read, & i believe it haz a sequel....a definite good read if u have the time.

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